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red spot on breast

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This is probably nothing, but the wonderful and knowledgable ladies here are always such a help so I thought I'd throw this one out there. I haven't been around for a while - except I do try ocainsionally to look through the posts. I'm 4 years out (YEAH!!) and so far so good. I noticed this morning there is a small, very bright red spot on the same breast I had cancer in (I had a lumpectomy) It's about the size of a bigger sized mole - at least my bigger moles. I just saw my onc dr last week, and of course it wasn't there then. It doesn't hurt or itch or anything - don't think a bug bit my boob, and haven't been bitten by anything larger - or pinched or anything fun like that. I'll give it a few days and see what happens, but I thought I had seen somewhere that the nasty beast can come to the surface, or something to that nature. I hate being this paranoid - but as we all know that's what happens - even after 4 years. Any thoughts from anyone?
p.s. I do miss talking in the chat room and knowing everyone - this place was my saving grace when I was going through treatments etc.

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Congrats on your four years. I had a spot on the breast which the onc looked at and laughed and said was nothing. But she did say that if I got a spot that looked red, I was to go back and get it checked. Are you sure this isn't just one of those age spots that we get at a certain age? Check all over your chest. If you have others that look exactly like the one on your breast, they are age spots and quite normal. If this one looks different, I'd go back and check with the doctor just for the peace of mind.

Hope it is nothing.



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Hi, Jud,

I just had some small red hard spots on my leg--they itched like crazy and am assuming they're spider bites--have seen spiders in the house recently.

Just the fact that you are writing suggests that you need to go have it looked at. When in doubt, find someone to ease your mind--don't care if they laugh or not. And no, you are not paranoid! Your perception is your reality.

Hope it checks out fine.

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