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In our relationship, Jim is the one who is typically more reserved. I am the gregarious, dramatic, hypochondriac, loud talker. (Wait till you meet me at colon palooza!) In the past, Jim has been the rock in our relationship. He sort of keeps me tethered to the earth. In a good way.

Right before his diagnosis, I was having terrible stomach pain. We're still not sure why. We guessed it was a stomach virus. Shortly after the pain ended, Jim started to throw up...finally checked into the hospital, and long story short, turns out he has cancer.

Since his diagnosis, I feel terrible complaining about any little ache or pain. I actually remembered saying to him at the end of August "I don't think you're as sick as I was" DOH! Open mouth, insert foot, ankle, shin and knee. (I've apologized profusely for that statement, by the way, but he's used to me and he just laughs at me...)

Now I'm the rock in the relationship (although he still remains solid) and he's a bit more of a hypochondriac.

I think cancer was a wake up call for Jim, but I'm starting to see a lesson for me, too. For heaven's sake, I need to quit whining! I am lucky for the family and friends I have. Cancer certainly puts everything in perspective doesn't it? So, in retrospect, not a funny ha-ha situation, but funny how distorted my view of life was.

Thanks, semi-colons, for helping me stay solid, and thereby helping Jim stay solid. I appreciate the advice and support on this board. Wait...did someone just call me Pollyanna? I heard that!



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    How very true!!!!! Something good comes out of every bad situation. We have found a lot of good things come from this tragic disease. It was a wake up call and now we are better in a lot of ways because of it.
    Let's take all the good we can from this cancer experience, then get rid of the rest!!!!

    Stay positive,

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    What you are saying is so true. I didn't realize how vain I was until my hair started thinning, then my eyes dried out and started tearing and I couldn't wear mascara, and then I had a really bad problem with a clot in my port which caused my face, neck and chest to swell. I think it was a wake up call that said there are more important things in life than how we look on the outside.
    I thought before that I knew this, but now I have a new awareness that is hard to explain. Some have called it the new normal. Guess that is as good an explanation as any.
    Strange how it takes something as serious as cancer to make us realize what those important things are.
    Jo Ann