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Good Sunday afternoon to all you wonderful semi-colons:
Well, we are back from Rocky Mountain Cyberknife In Boulder. We met with Dr. McNeely who is the doc handling my mom's care. He spent about 2 hours with us going over everything . It was wonderful to talk with him. With my mom's primary onc, I practically have to stand in front of the door so she won't leave the room before we are done asking all our questions! Anyhow, the cyber knife is a GO! This coming Wednesday my mom will have the gold fuducials placed in her adrenal tumors. She will have 3 in the left tumor and 1 in the right tumor. This is done by guided biopsy on an out patient basis. Then on Friday she will have the mold and CT scan. She will start the cyber knife treatments the following Tuesday. Dr. McNeely estimates she will need between 3-5 treatment which are done consecutively. Looks like we will be spending some time in Boulder. He explained to us that this is not curative, but that it is an option for putting out "hot spots," which in my mom's case are those darn tumors on her adrenal glands. She will be monitored closely with follow up CT scans. The first one will probably be done 2-3 months after she finishes the cyber knife treatments. He did blood work, and we are waiting to hear the results. He feels like my mom may need to start medication to help with adrenal gland function. The tumor on her left adrenal gland is very large-about the size of a baseball. He said he would be surprised if that adrenal gland is working at all. She is having pain in her back on that side and is becoming more and more tired every day. Hopefully the medication will help with that. Keep us in your prayers as we are about to start another leg of this journey. I will keep you all posted with how this goes.
God bless-


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    Hi Valerie -

    Great news that your Mom is eligible for the procedure. I wish you all the best. Hoopefully when this puts "her hotspots out", then you can more easily take care of the rest. And I hope the meds will help her to feel better also.

    Take care,
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    Welcome back Valerie. This is good news regarding your mom. It's so good you pursued this option. Best wishes to your mom for a successful outcome. Will be thinking of her and sending prayers and good thoughts her way. Keep the faith. Diane
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    Hi Valerie, I am very glad to see that your Mom is back in the fight,I will be praying for great results.
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    Hi Valerie-

    Thanks for the update! I'm so glad your Mom is going to be able to do the CyberKnife. I pray for her complete healing. It's great that she has your support. Please let us know how she does throughout the process. I think this is a wonderful opportunity and it gives me a lot of hope for Jim. Thanks for sharing.

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    Dear Valerie glad to hear it is a "GO". Prayers being said for your mom and you. May God continue to bless you and your family.
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    great news !! keep us posted !!!
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    Thank you for letting us know. Prayers are being said by many people on this site.
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    Hi Valerie!

    Absolutely your mom and family are in my prayers!

    This sounds quite fascinating.

    Boulder is so beautiful--at least you are in such a place of God's Glory. :-)

    peace, emily who claimed Jeremiah 30:17 and wrote it on her wall!
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    This is wonderful news!!! Praying that this procedure totally wipes out those tumors.

    God bless,