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reading a pretty good book...

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Hi there,
I just started a pretty good book, I think very good, and I thought it was worth mentioning...
It is by a celebrity, but don't let that deter you; it is thoughtfully written and very logical.
The book: Mariel Hemingway's Healthy Living from the inside out. It might be considered a bit girly - and even says Every Woman's Guide, but whatever about that...it is good info for anyone interested...
Mariel lost her mom to cancer and her husband has battled it, so she is very serious about a healthy lifestyle. I knew she had shunned the traditional Hollywood glitz and had been heavily into healthy eating and yoga for years, so she is just bringing some of her info to light.
She breaks her book into four sections: Food, Exercise, Silence and Home; she wrote with a balanced life in mind, but she is also kind and never pedantic...considering the crazy turns in her family background, she is not putting herself on any pedastel. She does, however, have about 20 years experience eating well and trying to live well...
I checked this out from the library and I am happy that I did...for anyone contemplating healthy changes or someone who has already dug intot he alternative thoughts/methods of eating and living, I think it is a good addition.
Bottom-line, it is grounding and has a lot of sound info...and that ain't bad! We all need motivation to even remind us to continue to live well and create a cancer free environment in our bodies.
Maybe this can start a string of good reads!
Take care and have a good Sunday - Maura

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