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Social Security ..need advice

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Does anyone have experience with stage IV with liver mets and possibility of obtaining social security benefits. Should we be applying now? My husband has been out on short term disability since mid January , and hasn't started chemo yet but will this week, so we don't know if he will be able to go back and do his regular job at some point in time (mechanic). He's hoping to , but we simply don't know yet what the chemo effects will be . Short term disability is the minimum by New York State and doesn't amount to much , and we just dont know if we should seriously start thinking about the possibility of social security or not. We just dont know if he will be able to work at this point. I searched the website. I "think" he would possibly qualify, but should we consider applying now or wait? Anybody have any experience with this?. What if he is able to go back only part time,(which I think will be the case)can we still apply for partial benefits? I found their website to be typically confusing .Any insight appreciated. thanks

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duh sorry . i just found the part after reading FAQ , that says 5 mos waiting period.. so I guess that's out for now, but does that mean if he even tries to go back to work and finds out he can't do it ,and works like a month , and can't continue, you have to start the five months all over again?

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I haven't applied for Social Security and I'm also stage IV. I plan on going back to work again this is the 2nd time I'm out of work. I do know that a few stage IV people have applied and gotten social security within 4 months. Hopefully they'll get on the board and see your question.

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Thanks Sue. He really wants to try to go back. I wish you the best

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I work for Social Security Disability. I do not like to give out advice or am I qualified to do that. I do know that a lawyer is really what you need at this point. They do not charge you unless you win your case. If you get a good one (one experienced with SS) they can be a great asset to you and your husband. Most people are hesitant to obtain a lawyer because of the money. Don't let that stop you!

Sorry I can't be of more help.


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Hi I did file for SSD as a st4 w/liver mets pt. I was approved in 2 mos time at the time I also was going back to work in like 3 or 4 wks from this. If you have any particular question please email me on this site and I will try and answer it as best I can. Also, I was able to do all this on my own with no help of lawyer. I was actually forced into filing for SSD by long term insur. carrier. I also continued to rec. SSD when I returned to work for a "trial to work" period that last 9 mos. if there is a recurr. during that time and you have to go back out of work they immediately pick back up without any problems. If you are able to hold employment for 9mos or better it is sd you have gained successful employment and your case will be closed. Again, if there is anything else I can try and answer let me know. Hope this helps some.


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I applied for SS disability when I learned of my recurrence (stage IV - mets to lung, ovary) and since I had been thru treatment once, I knew this would be worse. You do not need a lawyer. Just go online and complete the info. Then you meet with the local office. I had no problems, they backdated my app to the last day I worked, which was a few months after I applied. They explain about going back to work, or working a little bit. You do have to wait 5 months for your first check, however, which I do not understand. You might also qualify for other benefits, and they check that possibility out right away. Go ahead and apply. I hated to do it, but it is necessary. I hope to go back to work too, but it is good to have this help. Good luck. I think the site is ssa.gov

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I applied for SS benefits while on short term disability (applied in July, heard in October and got back pay to the beginning of the year). I called my local office who then sent me paperwork that I and my oncologist filled out. Very straightforward and easy. YOU DO NOT NEED A LAWYER!!!!!! Get his oncologist on board since what the docs say RULE!!!!!!!!!!

Send me an email if you need any other help.

I am now sending out resumes to go back to work and have the booklet on how to do it all correctly.

Lisa P.

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