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My heartfelt thanks to all of you for putting this into perspective. Although I found some positive 'snippets' in the outcome of my visit, all of you gave me so many more that they far outweigh the negative. I certainly am looking forward to my daughter's wedding (regardless of all the hard work it requires!), as all of you have your special events and daily life in general that give you hope. I am so uplifted by your quick and helpful responses.

As for the pain, I will keep an eye on it. I also agree that it's not wise to even think of treatments right now, so if, heaven forbid, I need it again, my body will utilize it better.

Love, hugs and prayers to all of you.

P.S. Bonnie, believe it or not I haven't even looked for a dress for me yet! My daughter will wear white and carry red roses. Her two sisters (my other two daughters) will wear red and carry white roses. The guys will be dressed in black with red vests and ties. My husband, of course in black with a white vest (as the groom and ring bearer). So, I'm tossing a few ideas around for me. I just got my shipment of red and white M&M's with their names and wedding date on it for the favors. They're really cute! Maybe when the photos come in I will send you one via e-mail. Maybe I'll even be bold enough to post one on the website and finally write my bio!

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Dear Monika

My onc says anything below 35 for a ca125 is normal.
Also any in inflamation in the body can cause the ca125 to raise. Enjoy your wedding

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Thank you for your words of encouragement! I'm definitely focusing on all the good things ahead!

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Hey there Monika, if it's not a spike in #'s, forget about it til the next test. I just went 6 mos., with ca below 17, then it doubled and we went for a ct. A one point rise doesn't indicate growth to worry about...or be able to do anything about. I find all the ct's and pet scans to be so invasive on top of chemo, I wait as long as possible to have them. With numbers at 50, I responded to 3 treatments of topotecan with a 19 point drop. This tells me that it's going to work on the tumor activity, no matter the size. What I mean is, no treatment until necessary as it uses up another chemo option.

Have a wonderful time with the wedding and this very special day for your memories. All the best!

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