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Post surgery

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I am 2 weeks post surgery. I'm not sure if the discomfort I'm having is normal but I have a lot of bloating and pain in my upper abdomen. I'm also dragging and have a feeling I'm anemic. I went to the dr today for a CBC. I've had a temperature the past 2 days in the afternoon. I do have an appoinment with my surgeon tomorrow and will be discussing this with him. Just curious if anyone else has encountered problems like mine after surgery. I do not feel well at all!


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I had the same problem, and it ended up being an infection. It is great that you are seeing your surgeon tomorrow. He'll be able to determine if that is the case. Good luck tomorrow. Monica

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It's certainly normal to feel like you are 'dragging'. Major surgery really takes a while to recover from (say, a month....). But I think it is very good that you are seeing your doctor tomorrow. I didn't have fever or abdominal pain after my surgery. It is always good to get concerns checked out....

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My temperature spiked each night for about 3-4 weeks after surgery, it was weird. I was checked for infections etc....nothing.

I did have to have 2 transfussions after surgery though becuase my Hemo dropped to 7. My surgery was in October and I had a transfussion in Nov and Dec. Now my Hemo is doing much better.

I am glad you are getting it checked out and do not be surprised if you hemo is low.

God Bless,


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