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I dont know if any of you remember me but I made some postings about my father arround christmas time.

Some good news.....he made it out of the hospital. Its been a 2 weeks and he seems to be getting better every day. He went in for his 2nd outpatient chemo treatment today. They have him on 5 different ones right now....the ones I can recall are fu5..erbitux...avastin.

My question for you all is this...I have been reading the posts about alternative therapies. I came accross this site:

Specifically this: zeolite
They make some pretty good claims as to its effectivness. The article I read was from 2005....does anyone have any updated info?

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I am not familar with that supplement?!

I would HIGHLY recommend that you go see a Holistic or Natropath doctor to discuss other treatments supplements to help him through Chemo.

I met with a MD last Friday, he is now practicing Holistic medicine, AWESOME visit! He put me on Protease, in fact MD Anderson is now doing a clinical study on it. ONe of his patients who went to MD Anderson was on it and had no side effects, no hair loss and made it through Chemo with flying colors. MD Anderson was so impressed they are doing a trial on it. I tried finding Protease on line because I had heard about it, it is hard to find with it being mixed with other things, but the MD I saw last week had it, so it is now part of my protocal.

So if your Dad is open to it call around and get an appointment.

God Bless,


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Here is a link to a page on zeolite at Sloan-Kettering: http://www.mskcc.org/mskcc/html/69424.cfm

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What a great update to hear that your father made it though that terrible time in his life! Glad to hear he is out of the hospital and back at home. I am sure that made a huge difference. I don't know about zeolite, but I agree, your father should consult an N.D. who treats cancer patients. I would be totally at a loss of what to take if it weren't for my N.D. There are so many beneficial supplements out there that he could start taking, but obviously he cannot take all of them, and since he's on chemo he probably should not go it alone.
Take care,

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I'm glad to hear that your father is doing better. I have heard of zeolite, in fact, I have done some research on it. The other name for it is Natural Cellular Defense. Apparently the makers claim that it takes all of the toxic minerals out of your body and is recommended for many different types of ailments (mainly cancer). I have been somewhat skeptical of this. I found out about it almost a year ago and wanted to get it for my father because someone at a local vitamin shop recommended it. This person said that he has had many customers who have used it and has worked very well for them. I still have yet to find some good research proving that zeolite works. There has been a lot of marketing of the product and if you type in zeolite and selling you will find many sales pitches where they try to sign up distributers to sell the product. I have to wonder if it's all a big money making scam.

They say that you shouldn't use it while on chemo (especially oxaliplatin) because it will decrease the effectiveness of the chemo(oxaliplatin has platinum in it -I think) so taking both oxy and zeolite would be defeating the whole purpose of the oxy. My dad did go to see a naturopath a couple of times and she never recommended this supplement, however, she did recommend some other things. I'd be happy to share her recommendations with you. If you want to read some legitimate info. on any herbs, or supplements, I would recommend going to the Sloan-Kettering site. It is an excellent resource. Let us know if you find out anything further re: zeolite. I'd love to get more info. on it.

God Bless,


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