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Newly Diagosed In Louisville, Ky

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I have just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. My Gleason is 6(3+3) and my PSA is 1. One of the options I'm considering is the Robotic/DaVinci surgery to be performed by my Urologist, Dr. Nick Meiers at Norton Hospital in Louisville. Has anyone had any experience either with Dr. Meiers or the DaVinci at Norton?

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Hi FischerR,

Congratulations! Your future is GREAT!

My Gleason was 6 as well and my PSA 3.2 at age 44
I am cancer free and live a TOTALLY normal life
after 3 years.

The Robotic is the way to go. I don't know your surgeon you are considering but with such an early detection you have every reason to expect a return to a cancer free normal life.


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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. However, as the other survivor responded, your chances are excellent for a cancer-free life.

I would offer this one word of caution, be sure your surgeon has plenty of experience with the DaVinci process. One thing you don't want is a "beginner" on the robot. This is your life and don't let the cost of the surgery influence your decision. I had my RP 6 yrs ago in Nashville (250 miles away) and was out of the hospital after two nights. Rode home in a car virtually pain free.

Good luck,


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Dr. Tewari, NY Hospital, removed my prostate at the end of January via da Vinci. I understand he has done over 1300 using da Vinci. I was back at work 13 days later, am completely continent, and cannot say enough good things about Dr. Tewari.

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I echo all the others. I also agree to make sure you doc has lots of practice at least 100 behind (no pun) him. There is an outstanding surgeonn in Columbus, the name escapes me but go to DaVinci's site and they list all the docs using the equipment.
Had it out at 8am in my room at 10 wandering the halls bored as heck and went home the next moring with pain less than 1 of 10. Wore the cathater for 10 days, (first time I could sit thru a whole movie in years) had some incontinence and after a year still can't get erection but it's trying and I have hope, worst case i'll get an implant, then all I need is an airhose to plug into the zerk!
Really don't worry just get a really experience doc. The Louisville Med complex is about as good as it gets so he's probably the one for you. jj

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I do not know about this particular hospital or surgeon but my DH had the surgery in June and loved the quick recovery time, no incontinence after about 10 days and no erection problems. Also, the surgical field is magnified and the robotic arms can be manuvered into tiny places to do minute, detailed work, to my understanding.

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