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Morning was bad, but got better

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After meeting again with oncologist this am and expecting to sign papers for a course of treatment, we heard once again that my insurance company would not approve any benefits if my husband entered clinical trial to do xeloda instead of pump infusion for 48 hrs after 2 days of proposed chemo treatment every two weeks , we left very disheartened and again in "limbo" with no definate course of treatment planned when we left the office. Tonite things turned around a bit thankfully, because after many phone calls (including calls from the pharmaceutacal company sponsoring the trial to my insurance company, they apparantly finally approved the treatment plan. I thank eveyone for their good wishes and prayers . We made a baby step in our progress, but nonetheless we feel it's a step forward after being in limbo for so long. There will be more pre-treatment tests before he actually does start the treatment but at least we know what course of action will be taken now and hopefully and we can get on with it. Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers. One step at a time, one day at a time, we'll get there. God Bless .

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I'm so glad you got better news...What a rollercoaster right? God bless you both...

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meanwhile, the
fda gets out their red and green lights to see who gets what, and who doesn't get anything, and how many zeros we can add to the price before it gets regulated. They are probably playing poker

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Glad that a course has been set. It doesn't make it easier but it is better once you know what is going to be done.

Good luck and God Bless.


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