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O.K., I know I said I was out of here....but we are all entitled to storming out like a child now and then are we not. I will not leave...I am an 8 year survivor of locally advanced rectal cancer who has returned full-steam to life, including running races, raising children and prosecuting murderers and rapists. I do have strong feelings about some subjects on this board...but I must say that I respect everyone in their fight against cancer and do not doubt that their are and will be in the future alternative treatments that are effective in treating cancer, nor do I believe that every traditional method is called for in every circumstance. Emily, I respect your thoughts and words. I too believe that end-stage treatments are sometimes overdone. that is the human condition sometimes. Anyway, I will just ignore what I disagree with at times (I am a lawyer and we are a pain1), and give encouragement and updates when I can. I DO believe that a healthy, happy and balanced life can both help defeat cancer and make the battle more enjoyable as well. To you new people, just be encouraged that there are long-term survivors like us here battling! We are living proof that you can win the battle too, no matter how you choose to fight it! Keep fighting surivivors...just not on this board!!

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From your mouth to God's ears, runnerz!
God bless you all!!

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Welcome Back!

Now quit fussing at me and let's shake hands....


peace, emily

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Love and light..and the human spirit..yeah!

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Thanks for reconsidering! Glad you decided to remain. We can all learn from each other. God Bless

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hey z,
glad you didn't leave, heck we all need to hear from a long term survivor to pull us thru this beast called cancer. this is what makes this country great, that everyone has the right to say what they want and not fear about it. i look up to you and emily for support and encouragement and so do alot of other members. we are all in this together. i came here almost 3 years ago on the internet in my hospital bed a few days after diag, i would not be here today without the support and prayers from my extended family !!!
looking forward to see you post in the future.
be well
never,ever give up !!!

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glad you stayed......You are also an inspiration to all of us...

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Glad you stayed. We're newbies and need the encouragement. Jim's doctor asked him to stop running for a while - he's worried about bleeding into the big tumor on his liver - but it's GREAT to see a survivor running, marathons no less! It's great encouragement for me on lots of levels. (Plus I'm a s-l-o-w runner, so I'll take all the advice I can get!)


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Glad you 're staying, I love your support you give us. Livin

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I too am glad that you are still here!!! I realize that opinions clash, but don't you think it's important to stay here and help me explain the benefits of chemo, radiation, and surgery? There are times I am beginning to feel like I am in the minority. I am happy that I had those things to rid my body of cancer.

I work at a medical malpractice law firm in Indiana. The attorneys in my firm experience high levels of stress as do you. So I know how commendable it is for you to take the time to come here and explain your success story. Nobody HAS to come here, they CHOOSE to come here....and we are all fortunate to be able to benefit from the experiences of others.

Now....start making your plans to be in Nashville this September. Send the kids to grandma's house and head to the Palooza with your wife. You guys will have a blast!

Best wishes,


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I'm so happy you will still be on the board...thanks for your encouragement

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