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To runner z ET -Al

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05:59 AM EST Re: ENOUGH! [reply]
someone said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself..If Emily's posts are dangerous, then Mother Theresa and Gandhi were dangerous subversives.. if Emily's "truth" frightens you so, then why do you protest? Why are the major cancer centers in this country and Europe conducting studies in "alternative" medicine? What are you afraid of? Emily's sister did in fact die a horrible death from colon cancer; how does that equate to scare tactics? Everything emily has presented on this forum in the past four years has been motivated by caring and compassion. Give people credit for the intelligence to read and understand the material presented on this forum and make their own enlightened decisions, including leaving the site, but leave this site open to new ideas.

"no one likes a prophet.

no one likes to hear the truth

but no one can silence me

even if I stand alone"

Emily will never stand alone..

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