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Surgery Wed after 6 months

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I appreciate reading and getting help from all of you. Briefly: dx Stage 4 8/28/06. Colon surgery 9/1/06. 1 node positive and a 3 cm tumor in liver. Went through 5 months of chemo (oxilaplatin, eributux, and xeloda), had a pulmonary embolism and am now going in for a liver resection at Stanford Wed morning. Its been a roller coaster but I am looking forward to having the 1.5 cm (Chemo shrank it) spot removed and 3 other smaller spots (that never lit up PET) and are indeterminent cut and burned away. I told the surgeon...take it all...I want clean margins. It seemed so long ago that this started and I know this is just a big step along the way. Love you all and wish me luck!
Best always and don't let your goodbyes stand.

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oh many postive thoughts your way...you are so very lucky to be able to have a resection..Godspeed in your recovery

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It certainly is a journey, eh, Impact? I am glad your surgery is finally scheduled. Try to get up and around as soon as possible. You'll be in my prayers. God bless.

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Hi there,

Best of luck on your surgery! Sounds like they will be able to give you the clean margins by the progress you've made. That must be so heartening.

I have one dumb question - if the smaller spots never lit up on PET scan, how did you know they were there? I ask because I am going to Stanford myself on Thursday for a PET scan, just wondering if there's a chance that it'll miss something. Is there anything else I should do to catch small spots any where.

I will make sure to beam some healing vibes in your direction when I am there on Thursday!

Again, best of luck on your surgery! I am sure you'll do great and you're in good hands with the docs at Stanford!


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JA Dot:
Thanks and good luck. They found the 3 samller spots using CT scan. Interestingly, the larger spot lit up on sept PET scan but did not light up on last scan. My Onc (fisher) said this is not unusual to have a false negative. Chemo slows down glcose uptake and the spot is smaller. It could be dead but they don't want any chances. During the surgery they do interoperational ultrasound on thge liver as the resolution is better for smaller spots using that. Dr So will do the surgery and take anything suspicious out.

Good luck!

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Hi there,

Many thanks for your reply. I think you killed those critters with chemo, and they were no longer the suger eating junkies that they once were. Way to go!!! Again, best of luck on your surgery!

....and don't forget to walk walk walk afterwards :-)


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Great news Impact! Prayers for a speedy recovery. Keep us posted when you can. God Bless

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prayers and positive thoughts sent your way.

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I know you have been waiting for this for soooo long. Good thoughts and prayers are being sent your way. Keep us posted.
God bless-

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All the best for a speedy recovery. I had a similar situation with the pet scan too. Sounds like you have great doctors who are not letting things fall through the cracks. What a difference that makes in situations like these!

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Hi, the very best of luck to you, I had a liver resection at the same time as my colectomy in 1993. I am still here and doing fine. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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We will be praying....God bless you and keep us posted...

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Lots of luck! You're in my prayers!


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