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my grandma passed away 3 days ago

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Hi, I have a grandma that just passed away 3 day ago of lung cancer and having a heart attack, both of the reasons, she had a heart attack friday and was able to call 911 herself but she died in the evening at the hospital, her heart just stopped :(

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I'm sorry your grandma died. It is hard to lose someone you love. From the little bit you said, I can tell she was fighting hard to stay alive or she wouldn't have called 911. I hope you had a chance to say goodbye. In any case, I'm thinking of you and thought I would reply.

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I'm sorry for the pain you are in now. Your fondest memories of her will stay with you as long as you live. God Bless.

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my dad died on the 5th from a heart attack as well - he had finished 6 chemo treatments and had just seen the oncologist 4 days before he died and was told he didn't need to be seen until mid May - it was quite a shock to us and he was only diagnosed 5 months ago with stage 3b NSCLC - this disease SUCKS.
I'll keep your family in my prayers.

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I'm sorry you lost your Dad. I'm sorry wisclady lost her grandma. But there is no more suffering now. But I do have a question. What is NSCLS (what kind of caner is it)? How healthy did your Dad appear? What caused the heart attack? Was it the chemo, did he follow up with radiation? I'm asking because of the high probability of heart attacks with cancer treatment and I just want to watch my Dad more closely.

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it means non small cell lung cancer and he was 72. he was diagnosed oct 3, 2006 and had been pretty healthy proir to that - except for maybe a few mths before he got diagnosed. he had a heart attack from the chemo - it was too hard on his organs - although it was working to kill the cancer. he suffered with back to back pneumonia and had dropped 15 plus pounds in 3 weeks - his heart was enlarged from the build up of fluid from the cancer and from the harshness of the chemo. don't let them fool you - the chemo is poison that is the strongest they have for this type of cancer - but that's all that they have to treat this monster with.

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