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Enough of the homeopathic vs. traditional medicine...enough of second guessing one another. I am so tired of the lack of respect shown by some of the members of this board, those of whom post graphic depictions of the death of their siblings to frighten people from listening to their own doctors. It is dangerous and it is wrong, no matter how right one thinks they are about their own approach. I am done here. This board has become nothing more than Emily's personal website to scare the living crap out of people seeking traditonal treatment. Emily, why did you even have surgery when you could have simply cured your cancer with eastern medicine. Enough. Done. Out.

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I haven't been reading much lately, and one of the main reasons is that I agree with RunnerZ to a large extent. I followed very traditional therapy and I am doing great! I was stage III c with 13 positive nodes and have successfully completed chemotherapy and have remained tumor free for over a year and a half since finishing the course of chemo. I believe strongly in regular moderate exercise and a healthy diet. Many many colon cancer patients are colon cancer survivors as a result of undergoing traditional treatments that are ever changing and advancing and so likely to give you a positive result. Not to say that alternative medicine doesn't have its place...but only as an adjunct to surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Let's support one another in getting through these tough treatments, applaud those who add additional approaches and quit debating this at least on the network of the american cancer society which by and large promotes research and support of the most up to date traditional therapies.

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I agree! This is a cancer survivor board, we are all either fighting or a caretaker of a fighter, by whatever means you choose to fight. It is a personal choice and the choice you make is the right one for you. We must respect everyones ability to make their own choice. I won't go into my choices unless someone asks, because I am only qualified to relate my experiences.
I am a 2 time colorectal cancer survivor, presently 7+ years from dx, 5 years from recurrence, and NED. I have issues, but the fight has changed me for the GOOD, and I am in better physical shape at 44 than I was at 21, despite complications and issues.
This board, for me, is about support. You want to talk about how you are doing, give support, seek support, have questions or answers then great. Please, post without demeaning the path someone else has chosen.
We have all made a choice. It is the right choice for each of us. And we all have the same goal-SURVIVAL.

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AMEN! I couldn't agree with you more MCarr! That's awesome about your 7+ survivorship!

Demeaning others' choices does nothing, but putting out information so that the choices can be made is what I do.

So to answer your demeaning question RunnerZ, I did surgery because I believe in where Western Medicine excells. I am not an either/or survivor. My position has always been to combine the two to complete the circle. It's very yin/yang so to speak.

I have always appreciated Western Diagnostics and sing the praises of my oncologist and surgeon.

But healing holistically is a place where they are more recently exploring....the good news is that they ARE exploring that arena. Eastern Medicine IS being incorporated in more clinics and hospitals because people are wanting it and doctors are finding out the benefits.

You have had issues with me for a long time, so I am surprised you even read my thread knowing you don't like what you see. I didn't do it to scare anyone, sheesh, I shared my personal story in hope of eagleswings (and others) to understand why I am passionate about health and cancer prevention and that YES, I TOO have watched a loved one be sick, suffer, and die. I live with thos images every day. I KNOW there are no guarantees in life and that what happened to her could very well happen to me in my future.

I apologize if it scared you. It's kind of naive to think that we don't all have those thoughts. We are all in this together. Some of us have lived it though and I was illustrating this to eagleswings since she was under the impression that I had no experience in what she was going through.

You don't have to read my threads.

peace, emily

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That is very dramatic. I am sorry you feel that way. There are many people on this board that WANT to know about alternatives when they feel that they have done all that Western Medicine has to offer. There are those of us on this board, who have finished with treatment and still want to do everything possible to avoid a recurrence. There are also those of us on this board who have survived and do not feel it was because of chemo. I had chemo 2x and only became NED after choosing not to do chemo following surgery. Like I stated, each case is individual and has a different outcome. The voices of alternative medicine are few and far between on this board. Folks should not see it as a threat, but as an alternative. Emily did not post her sisters story to scare anyone, I am sure of that. However, I bet there is not one of us here who has not feared that outcome for ourselves. If there is a way to prevent that from happening to us, to choose quality over quantity of life, then I feel that should be promoted.
Sorry to see you go, your story has inspired many on this board.

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RunnerZ, I hope that you change your mind and continue coming to this site, we need long time survivors on this board to give hope to all the new people that comes here looking for stories like yours and all of the others survivors. I agree with you that we need to stop debating about what method is better and limit ourselves to letting know others what have worked for us, but NEVER NEVER discouraging others of the path chosen by them.

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I also hope you reconsider and stay with us. Being a "rookie" I'm looking for ANY glimmer of hope that is out there for my husband. You could be another Beacon by sharing your personal experience with us "newbies" . God Bless

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someone said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself..If Emily's posts are dangerous, then Mother Theresa and Gandhi were dangerous subversives.. if Emily's "truth" frightens you so, then why do you protest? Why are the major cancer centers in this country and Europe conducting studies in "alternative" medicine? What are you afraid of? Emily's sister did in fact die a horrible death from colon cancer; how does that equate to scare tactics? Everything emily has presented on this forum in the past four years has been motivated by caring and compassion. Give people credit for the intelligence to read and understand the material presented on this forum and make their own enlightened decisions, including leaving the site, but leave this site open to new ideas.
"no one likes a prophet.
no one likes to hear the truth
but no one can silence me
even if I stand alone"

Emily will never stand alone..

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