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A good story

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Just letting you know that once again my Dad's scans have come up clear. He is doing so well, he's doing better than before he was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago! Looks healthier and is exercising more.
Anyway, thought i would let you know this and send some positive energy your way!

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thats fantastic Holly. What kind of cancer did he have?

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Joined: Jan 2006

He had a lung tumour, and had his right upper lobe removed after successful chemo. Then he had a brain met removed last year. Anyway, its all been clear after the surgeries. Sorry, not sure what type or how big, can't remember now, its all a bit hazy. He has 6 month x-ray/m.r.i's now.

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I'm so happy to hear that your dad continues to improve. Having "been there", I know how uplifting a "good story", such as his, can be to others here.
I wish him continued improvement and good health.

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Hi Holly,

That is wonderful news and inspirational to those still in the thick of their battles. Congratulations to your father.

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I'm so happy that your Dad is doing well. Stay close to him, love him hard, and don't forget to thank the Lord.

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