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Hello everyone, I don't post very often but something just jolted my mind to post. I am probably talking more to "newbies" to group but maybe to some others as well. I read alot of post about the HAI pump and thought I would relate part of my story. I was dx with st4 w/liver mets. I didn't have chemo or rads prior to surgery but had surgery, first colon followed 6 wks later by liver resections. After 6 wk healing period then started 5.5 wks of radiation to abd/pelvis w/continuous fanny pack infusion. Now what I want others to consider is this....I had 13 mos remission when "beast" reappeared in liver(only) I went for 2nd liver resection and placement of HAI pump. Doctors were unable to place it b/c rads had caused the blood vessels to "shrink" thus they could not feed the catheter. I wished I had known of this possibility before having rads, so that I could have had the pump placed first, now it is not an option for me but thankfully at this time I am once again NED. Sorry for the long post just wanted to bring to light a possible complication from getting rads first if any of you were thinking of the HAI pump as well.

Take care and may God continue to Bless you all.

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Congrats on been NED !!!!!!

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Averi: Thanks for the information. This is exactly what this forum is all about. Monica

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thanks for sharing. We may be considering HAI pump down the line after chemo(no radiation planned) and I will keep this in the back of my mind for future reference. Congrats on the NED . that's terrifice! God Bless.

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