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Call Me Pollyanna, but...

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Good Morning Everyone!

I hope this finds everyone in a place on their journey that is tolerable, if not wonderful.

I just have to say, for the record, that this is a great place for support. I am grateful for the fact that I am still here to read posts, comment when appropriate, and laugh hysterically when it warrants.

I am encouraged by stories on this site. Regardless of the stage of cancer a person is experiencing, it's cancer regardless. I may be in the minority (so what else is new?!?!? lol), but in a sick, twisted way, cancer was a GOOD thing for me. It really taught me to not take things for granted. It really lit the fire to motivate me to live each day to its fullest. Whenever I scan the local obituaries, and see some death related to cancer, I realize how precious life is.

Emotions run high, there is no doubt. I am glad that we can all voice our opinions (do I hear humming of the "Star Spangled Banner"?) in this forum without feeling like one opinion should out-weigh another. What we all must take from this site is comfort in knowing others are experiencing what we have experienced. There is no cookie cutter approach to treating cancer. If there was, the cure would be a no brainer. I am glad Emily (a.k.a. 2bhealed for those newbies) and scouty share their experiences with us all. I am honored to know folks with such drive and discipline to handle their cancer their way. I am also proud to know those who keep running into speed bumps....kerry, Jana, and jerseysue are still very deep in the trenches along with many others, and are relying on chemo benefits to heal their cancers.

The diversity on this site is what is so great! It allows us to consider things that we may have shyed away from due to lack of education.

So my master plan is to get the biggest Palooza Party ever in Nashville, TN this September. Because when all is said & done...it's just cancer, and we are invincible!!

Have a great week everyone!


P.S. Anyone needing the reunion detail in Nashville can just drop me a line, or scroll back through previous posts....I'm not trying to sound like a broken record, but I know so many folks will have a total blast!

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I agree, this site is a blessing. I value everyones opinions and thank all for sharing. Being a "newbie" and a caregiver at that, I appreciate all the information and positive energy that this site offers so my husband and I can decipher and make informed decisions. Kudos to ALL for sharing their personal experience. God Bless

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Hi Polly :)

Well said. Amen.


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how 'bout paloozanna?

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