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is there a place to donate supplies?

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Just joined this board. My husband lost his short fierce battle with cancer today. I have lots to deal with in the coming days, weeks, whatever. One question popped into my mind. Is there a place or way to donate unused, or used but good supplies? I have a carton containing 4 new chux - never opened. About a dozen used, but clean and freshly washed chux. Sheets to fit a hospital bed. Medications? Especially a lot of Lovenox - unopened boxed. My husband and I beleive in helping whenever we can - and now that I have lost him, I have no need for this. I am in Frederick county Md - if that matters.


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I am so sorry to hear of your lost. MY husband died 4/15/06. I gave all his med and other supplies to a doctor who would give them to patients that could not aford them. I contact the home health agent and that gave me a name. Good luck in your healing processing I hope yours goes better than mine. candice

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Hi candice, my deepest sympathies to you also. I can't even imagine at this point in our journey how I would feel losing my spouse to this awful illness. May God give you strength and consolation and support. God Bless.

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Hi. My deepest sympathy on the passing of your husband. I would suggest you check with local hospital or hospice. My prayers are with you. Please continue to post and let us know how you are doing. If we can offer some small measure of emotional support we are happy to do it. God Bless

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I am very sorry for your loss
when i lost my mother there was alot of med supplys unopened i took them to the local adult care home they took all and thanked me as some cant aford the meds
Check with your doctor and local laws some states say no to giving medical suppys with out script

God Bless

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