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Surgery over..I'm home.

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Hope you guys remember me. I checked in several weeks ago after lurking for some time.

Had my surgery on 2/15, 8 days ago. The surgery itself went really well. There was no involvement to the liver and one node involved showed positive. My doc is the best around and was disappointed that I had the one nod, he removed 15. He placed me at stage III. Somehow I wasn't surprised at a node involvement, I, too, was hoping for perfection (none). But I'm thankful for the good report,(good too me anyway. I was so concerned that it might be in my liver.

I was ready to go home in 5 days but the bowels wouldn't move and I absolutely could not eat. Food was disgusting to me. The gas pains were absolutely the worst pain I've endured in a long while and I've had four children. My bowels kicked in on day 5 and the ball started rolling. I just got home today and I'm a bit weak and tired. A nap is definitely coming up.

Just wanted to share my progress and now move on to chemo and all it's glorious side effects! I've sort of not read up a lot on chemo since I knew I'd have time after the surgery.

My prayers go out to all who are waiting for their surgery, not a piece of cake but definitely doable!! My doc said he has great expectations that this can be treated successfully.

By the way, the tumor was 5mm, and located in the cecum.

Take care all.


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Hi Char, I am glad to hear that you are back home and ready to start your fight, I had my surgery on July of last year I was staged III with only one positive node just like you, I finished my 12 cycles treatment 15 days ago and now I am waiting for results from my pet scan,chemo was not that bad, no nauseas or vomiting and I kept enough hair not to wear a wig , anyway I wish you the best, keep us posted how are you doing.

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Hi Char,
I had my surgery Dec 20th 2006. I was stage 2 no nodes, no mets, thank God. My tumor was larger also in the cecum, absolutely no symptoms. It was a totally surprising discovery during a routine colonoscopy. I have had 2 of 12 treatments using the FolFox cocktail. I am handling the chemo very well, just no energy and very tired. Your attitude toward handling the side effects, drinking plenty of water, and support of friends and family will get you through it. In my experience so far, it isn't that bad. Look toward healing from the surgery and not dreading the future treatments.

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Hi Char, I just had surgery Feb 5th, 2 lymph so I know where your at. I see my onc on March 5th so I'll keep you updated. I feel pretty good after surgery just tired and I have such a beautiful scar. Take care and I'll keep you in my prayers.


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Glad it went well. welcome home and now your on the road to recovery!. Keep us posted. God Bless

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Hey, I am new to this site. I had surgery on 12/21/06. My entire colon & rectum were removed. I had a disorder called FAP. They removed 19 nodes, and 5 had cancer. The cancer also jumped over to my prostate, and they scraped it off of it. Currently using the FolFox chemo, and the first day almost put me to my knees. Effects lasted a couple of days, but after that back to normal. Waiting to go back to work.

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Welcome home!!! I had my surgery on 2/5 so we are in the same boat. I am glad you are doing well. I have found that walking helps my gas pains the best. I walk laps up and down the driveway a couple times a day. I also am starting chemo soon. I will be starting a week from monday. They are going to do 4 months. FOLFOX and Avastin every other week. I am not looking forward to the side effects, but am ready to get it over with.
You take care and keep me posted how you are doing.


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