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22, Active Duty, Colon cancer

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My 22 year old husband has just been diagnosed with colon cancer. He is at Goodfellow AFB for fire fighter tech school, and I am stationed at Eglin AFB,FL. I was looking for some military advice. What can I expect from the military? What are my options for being with him, besides taking emergency leave? Do you think the military will keep him, since he has only been in 4 months? What should I do to make sure he gets the disability if they discharge him? We are still waiting for specifics, like when and where the surgery will be. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hello! Sorry it has taken so long for me to reply. I don't check this board often.
Here's the straight scoop. There is such a thing in the AF as a humanitarian assignment. Since it's your spouse, you should qualify. You need to go to your First Shirt or MPF (assignment) section. You will have to apply for it.
As for his enlistment... I won't give you dorm legals, but... they should hold a MRB or MEB (medical review or examination board). The way the AF works is they may "force" him out or they may reevaluate him on a periodic basis. I know one lady who was out (conv lv) for over a year beating breast cancer and has been back to work in her job for a year now. From what I've seen of the process, San Antonio (Wilford Hall) makes that end decision. There's no way to "forecast" it. But there is an appeal process if they decide to "make" him separate.
For disability, go see your local VA rep. If you don't know who that is, go to the base retiree office. They will be able to tell you. IF they "force" him out, then you will apply for disability. The VA guys can explain that better to you.
Please feel free to email me directly, I don't always get on all the boards. Good luck and God bless!

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I am 100% Service Connected Disabled Retired USAF and will tell you NOT to let them discharge him, RETIRE HIM 100%. Have his Air Force doctor send him to Andrews Air Force base for medical eval, treatment and board review. Also, look up a colon doctor, who was Air Force and in the DC area by the name of Dr. Gary Wind. Oh, did I tell you he did my colon operation called a KOCH Pouch in 1977.

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My husband is 100% Combat Service Conected Disabled but was discharged so he does not have retired. Do not let them discharge without it, we are strugling to cover his expenses outside the VA, he has Colon stage 4

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Do what you have to do to ether keep him in or make them medically retire him. The long term value of the benefits you as a family will have at your young age could be well over $1,000,000.

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