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Hi Everyone, just wanted you to know the Etoposide slowed the increase of my ca125 down. So I am staying on it another month. I wish it had decreased - but it only went from 68 to 80 and that is much better than 11 to 68. Hopefully it'll work another month. My Dr says he does have more on his list, including a Phase II study group. Its injections twice a week of a drug 3m has come up with to increase your immune system to fight the cancer. I am reading the information and praying about it but not sure I am ready for another study group yet. That's it for now, God Bless you all!

Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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Dear Bonnie,

Glad to hear the etoposide has slowed down the ca125. Hang in there, the etoposide may bring down further next month. What is the new drug 3m has come up with? I am undergoing chemo for a second time and on a stage 2 trial. On 2 March I have a ct scan to see if the drugs are working. I am being treated at a research center and find that you are very carefully monitored when on a trial and actually prefer to be treated on a clinical trial


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I'd be interested to hear more about the injections too. But I'm glad the Etoposide is slowing down the CA125. I'm keeping you in my prayers along with many other folks. Keep us posted.

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Hi Bonnie...I am so happy to hear that your ca-125 is slowing down...maybe next month it will start to go down. I would also be very interested in hearing more about your trial if that happens. Hope your feeling well.are there any side effects with the Etopside??? Be Well..(((hugz)))..Joanne

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Thank you so much for your response. You gave me another perspective; that microscopic disease responds easier to ttmt. I've always preferred tumors so they can be surgically removed and then at least we know where the cancer is. Thanks for the change in thinking. Glad your numbers are staying low; mine are the highest they have ever been without any visible signs of disease. Have you been on Doxcil?
Thanks again.....stay positive, roann

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Hi Bonnie, I'm happy to hear the news update was fairly good. Just think, it only went up 12 points. That's not too bad. And, like you say, in another month it could do it's trick!!! I agree with the others about being interested in the new 3M drug. I've always thought that helping our own immune system fight this disease is the way to go! Keep up the good fight.....your friend, MichaelaMarie aka Keelie

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Frankelyro..sorry to butt in but are you going on Doxil??? If so I've been on that one and can help with some info... Joanne (jlockamy1@yahoo.com)

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Hi Bonnie:
Thanks for the update. I too would be interested in the 3M info. The immune system certainly should be addressed no matter what. My doctor has had a few trials/studies going on at his office. He was so pleased to be considered for the studies. I don't know what the progress is or what exactly is being used, so when I see him next week I will try to ask to keep up-to-date.

Bunches of hugs, Bonnie.
Love ya,

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Hey Bonnie, Glad to hear the Etoposide is slowing the numbers down (12 is much better than 57). You know I was shocked when mine had gone down almost 20 this time and that was the month I was off chemo. I am also interested in the 3M, I think if we can get our immune system right, the rest would fall into place.
You're in my prayers and hugs to you. Jan

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congratulations bonnie--so glad for you
hugs ohiogirl

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