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1st colonosopy...results

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Hi everyone,
I found your board several months ago while researching some symtpoms that I had. When my problems worsened, my doc suggested a colonoscopy. It was a very long, hard, anxious wait of 6 weeks before I had my test today. I am very happy to let you all know that I received a clean bill of health concerning my test....not even a polyp!
You all were very helpful in answering questions for me and helping me to calm down some. I probably had 80% of the symptoms of colon cancer. And I probably made myself sicker with all the worrying I did; and just as everyone had advised, it didn't help to worry.
I wanted to thank you all for the support that you offered. And if it's OK, I'm going to continue to follow the discussion board and keep you all in my prayers.
If anything, I have now learned so much about colon cancer. I will be a vocal advocate of screening. And yes, the prep was the worst! :-)
Thank you

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Glad you got great news! Stay well!

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Please stay and follow the discussion board! And the more advocates for screening and early detection the better. Spread the word and help people. I am overjoyed that your colonoscopy gave you a clean bill of health!!!

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CONGRATS on a clean bill of health.

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Hi Pat. Great to hear that your worries were unfounded...but like anyone that has to go thru any sort of medical tests for whatever symptoms...there is always that feeling of fear and rightly so. The great part about being able to come here on CSN is that you will get honest and meaningfull support. You were concerned and obviously needed a shoulder until your symptoms were investigated.
As for screening....well, my opinion is that preventional testing is well worth the money spent and especially if cancer can be caught in the early stages. Better earlier than later.It's a pity that governments don't realise that by early detection they would save millions on medical procedures. AND, maybe they could use the savings to find a cure for this horrid disease!
cheers, Ross n Jen

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