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Happy Dance - My Turn

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Well my oncologist just called at 8pm, geez what hours they keep! I had a CT yesterday, mainly to check my LAR healing along with my Scope on MOnday, but my oncologist ordered a full body scan.

And he just gave me the all clear. Ok Ok Ok I am only 4+ months out from my surgery, but just to here the all clear was a blessing. And for those keeping track I was stage III and I refused post surgery Chemo as recomended and I am doing alternative methods. I did do radiation and Chemo before though. You can read my full story on my web page that I need to update now. I told my oncologist, who is very worried about my decision, it won't come back!

He did say though that my Thymus Gland is a little enlarged and he wants to check it again in 2 months. I looked it up and not sure why it would be enlarged, but he told me it had nothing to do with cancer?! So I will believe him.

Now I just need to get the all clear from my colorectal surgeon that my reversal can be done and then I will be doing the BIGGER HAPPY DANCE!

God Bless,


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great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
make sure it is a naked happy dance!

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Great news Liz. Dance as long and as much as you like. We will Dance with you.
Be well and blessed

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Hi Liz....checked out your website gal and have come to the conclusion that you are surely deserving of some good news....great stuff....stay well and be safe, Ross n Jen

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Wonderful news! Make sure to include a healthy strawberry margarita with that dance. Whether you add liquor or not is up to you. Monica

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