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Biopsy back. I have stage II or III rectal cancer. Several weeks of chemo and radiation before surgery. I was so down earlier today. It was hard telling my mom and best friend. Then, I don't know what happened. I felt...relieved. No more devastating disappointments from hoping it isn't cancer. Now I know what's what and it's time to get going. Now we have a plan, and two different doctors said after all of this I'll probably be ok. I went from entertaining terrible thoughts to seeing this as a disease I'll be treated for. My job is being great. I can work from home if the treatments get too rough, and they are all rooting for me. My family and friends are all ready to be there for whatever I need. My husband is terrified but he'll be ok. I was even able to laugh about this to my friend. "Why rectal? With breast cancer you get new boobs: exciting. New rectum: not so much."

I hope I stay like this and don't get depressed.

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Star. I wish it had come back negative, but now as you said, you have a plan and you can't fight what you dont know. Now you CAN -and you WILL win. Have no doubt. You'll have up days and down days no doubt, but keep your sense of humor. It will help you and it will help others. Prayers are with you . Keep posting . God Bless

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what a great upbeat attitude.
when i was dx in 5/04 i would have to say attitude is a very big part on kickin the beast.
also it's great family and friends are there too.
be well
never,ever give up!!!!!

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I will keep you in my thoughts and your new attitude is a positive. I was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer on Oct. 12th, 2005..I still make butt jokes about myself..LOL..I am doing great and I know you will also..Good wishes coming your way..Audrey

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I'm sorry about the biopsy results. But, I can really relate to your emotions at the moment. For me, the hardest thing is uncertainty. Once I know what is going on, I feel I can face anything. And it's easier to go into "battle" mode (or however you think of it -- I go for the warrior images!). You are right -- it is a disease that needs to be treated. So glad your job situation is both flexible and supportive. Humour helps. My husband and I have received some funny looks in hospital waiting rooms but hey - -that's what we do to get through. I was diagnosed with Stage III rectal myself. I had 6 weeks of chemoradiation followed by surgery followed by more chemo. If I can answer any questions, don't hesitate. Good luck to you.

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Love the attitude. Stay in the fight and kick some "butt"!

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I know how you feel. Keep up the humor that seems to work for me. God bless Michelle

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Keep up your great attitude. It will help you get through this journey. Remember to keep your family here updated.

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Hi Star(stay shining bright gal)....and with your attitude I am sure you will get thru this ok.Darn...I've been awol working again so have had to go back over lots of posts, but hey, it's worth it! I know your previous post was full of apprehension...scared to put it bluntly!The main thing now is that you have a course of action and you only need to read our friends posts here to know that although there is a journey(challenge) ahead of you, there is also very good prospects to beat your cancer. With your positive and humorous character you WILL do ok...BELIEVE!
I know your hubbie will be terrified...but tell him that he won't have time to be....he gets to be your "angel" and carer for a while. And I am sure that he will give you all the care and support you will need.
Our best to you from oz, Ross n Jen

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