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Just wanted to let everyone know that my colon reconnection surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, 27 February 07. Don't have time yet. My last day at the office is Thursday, 22 Feb 07. My pre-operative tests are Friday, 23 Feb. My lovely colon prep (yummy, yummy) is Monday, 26 Feb.

I will be in the hospital for 5-6 days and hopefully home the weekend of 3/4 March to begin recovery, 6-8 weeks. I am hoping to return to work on 7 May 07. I am not sure when I will be checking in after 27 Feb because I am still on dial-up at the house and my computer is downstairs in the basement. I will miss everyone, but will continue to think of everyone daily.

I am soooo thankful I found this family because honestly I could not have come this far WITHOUT everyone's prayers, support and love.


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Lots of luck my thoughts will be with you.

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Will be thinking of you and keep you in my prayers.

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Hi.....I am new to this website and am faced with a decision. I have a polyp in my rectum T2 and no node involvement. One doctor wants to do rectal resection /temp. ileostomy / node removal. The other doctor wants to do radiation to shrink my "small" polyp and then use trans anal surgery to remove the polyp and geting clean margins. Two differnt hospitals ; 2 different opinions from 2 heads of colo rectal surgery! Any help?

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Hi Frannyjo,

We are happy to welcome you to the website but sorry that there is another member of the group. I recommend that you post this as a new thread to get more response. Which treatment is best can depend upon multiple factors including how deep a T2 lesion it is, how big (how much of the circumference of the rectum is involved) and whether or not the pathology shows it to be well-differentiated or poorly differentiated. I did not have a polyp but had a rectal cancer with ulceration. I did have chemoradiation initially and it shrunk down so it appeared to disappear. It did recur and then I had the resection of the rectum. However, looking back I think my initial tumor was larger than it should have been for a transanal excision and that when that surgery was done the surgeon didn't go wide enough around the scar.
Post it separately and you will get many opinions. Learn as much as you can. I always recommend looking up your tumor type on the website of the National Cancer Institute (www.cancer.org). Good luck in making your decision.


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I'll be sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
God bless-

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Good luck with your surgery. You are in my prayers. I just got home from surgery last week and am doing much better. You will do great!!! Keep a postive attitude, walk as soon as you can, and keep your pain under control. It will be over before you know it. I can' t believe my surgery was done just a little over two weeks ago.


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I will be in Florida then and will sip a Margarita for you (and of course for me) on Tuesday. Hope all goes well and you return home soon. Keep us posted when you can.


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Best wishes and prayers for a successful recovery.

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hey nudgie,
that's my birthday !!!!!!!
seriously now good luck with reconnection. this surgery is much better than the one to take out the tumor.
alot of walking is a must. don't rush back to work listen to your body, it has been thru a lot.
be well
never,ever give up !!!!!

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I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers..Wishing you a quick recovery..Audrey.

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Struth Nudgie. I checked back in tha nick of time. All the best for your surgery. You will be back with us in no time. Then you can spend some time here while recuperating. We hope all goes well for you....don't climb down tha basement until you feel up to it.
ps....do you really think tha prep is yummy?.....yuk!...lol!
cheers and our best from oz, Ross n Jen

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