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ileostomy questions

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I have been on this board for the last year as a stage 3 survivor. However, this question is in regards to my mother,who is fighting colon cancer. She had all but 2 feet of her intestines (bowel and colon- everything)removed and has an ileostomy. Since there are only 2 feet for absorbtion she runs a high risk of literally starving to death. Is there anyone out there who is familiar with such a drastic situation and can offer some suggestions? What kind of foods would be best? Any web sites? Thank you for any help you can provide.

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i have a colostomy not a ileostomy but i can tell you the board to go on would be uoaa. it was a lifesaver for me and they are quick to answer any questions. i hope you find what you are looking for.
take care, cherri

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They would have left the small intestine intact and that is where the primary absorption of nutrients is. The colon primarily absorbs water. That is why people with ileostomies usually have a higher volume watery discharge as opposed to colostomies where it is more like the usual stool. She won't starve to death. Some of those with ileostomies, I'm sure, will give you some good diet advice.


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I have an iliestomy, and trust me, from the pounds I have gained, something is getting absorbed somewhere. The things to watch out for are that she drinks at least two litres of water a day (more if she is on chemo), she can pretty much each anything but has to be careful with anything that has casings or strings as these foods can cause blockage (for example peas, corn, beans, celery, spinach, oranges). I supplement by having fruit juice and vegetable juice, and I have found tons of vegetables that I can eat comfortably. You also want to be watchful of being constipated as it can be quite painful and has landed me in the hospital a couple of times. The trick is drink lots of water and don't forget to include fibre in her diet. Don't hesitate to e-mail me on this site if you have any questions. Monica

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