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wafer explosions

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Feces start piling up under the wafer instead of going into the bag. The wafer finally pops open on one side and feces spill out. Smelly and a mess. Can't tell it's doing so till it pops open. Any help out there?

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Hi Sharn,

I can't help but I'm know we have lots of people that can. If not tonight then they will reply tomorrow. I know one thing they ask people is if they have an ostomy nurse. One that can help with these questions. I think finding the right items to use for the right fit is the clue. My mother in-law had an illeostomy. I remember some "accidents" she had when she was living with us. She has crohn's disease and if it is any help, was reversed I believe 2 years ago and can run circles around me at 75.

Lisa F.

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your appliance isn't sealing correctly for any number of reasons; excesss air pressure in the bag, poor adhesion of the wafer, etc. etc. Need to know a little more about the type of appliance you are using, and what is your procedure for applying it? What products, if any, are you using
in addition to the appliance it self? Feel free to e-mail me on this site.
You might also visit www.ostomyinternational.org
and http://www.ostomy.evansville.net/ for help

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I'm a fellow ostomate. I agree with everthing Nanuk says. Your problem sounds like a poor seal. Also, is the opening in your wafer the correct size for your stoma (should be slightly but not greatly larger). Can you get access to a stoma nurse easily? The companies that supply osteotomy products sometimes have a stoma nurse or someone else that can answer questions on the phone using an 800 number. Feel free to email me on this site if I can be of help. You will find a solution to this problem.
One more useful website: www.uoaa.org

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Not sure, but if the feces is 'piling up' under the wafer it would sound like the opening needs to be a little larger or the seal isn't strong enough. I know I am just repeting others. Is the surface around your stoma irregular? Nobody has a completely flat surface to deal with, but some struggle more than others. An ostomy nurse may be able to help. May be the product also, they aren't all created equal. Personally after I change my appliances, I wear an ostomy belt for a couple of hours to help get a decent seal. Good Luck and feel free to come here with any questions that may arrise.

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First off this is a GREAT board but there are limited amount of people with an ostomy here, may I suggest this board for ostoy questions: http://www.uoaa.org/forum/index.php

I do have an ostomy and had your same problem and it is cause by what you eat. Do you have a Col or Ile? I have an ile and you have to be very careful what you eat, I started getting foot loose and fancy free with what I ate and it will "pile" up in you bag. LIke eating Pineapple or salad etc.


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