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1st colonoscopy.....any advice?

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I have an appointment Wednesday morning for a colonoscopy. This is all new to me. I've read a lot of posts about good and bad things concerning the prep and wondered if anyone has any tips on getting me through this without losing my mind. :-)
I am on clear liquids today and tomorrow. I bought: lemon-lime Gatorade, Pedialyte, Hydralife, low sodium chicken broth, ginger-ale, white grape juice, lemon ice bars, lemon Jell-O (note the theme?), and butterscotch hard candy.
I'm using the phospho-soda prep. I bought the unflavored kind and am mixing it with ginger ale. What I've gleaned from everything I read is to make sure I stay hydrated. I know that water doesn't always cut it, so that's why I bought the Pedialyte and Hydralife. I also have some A+D ointment and baby wipes with aloe on hand. I've also got some magazines on hand and my iPod is loaded up with "The Adventures of Superman" with George Reeves. I plan on camping out in the bathroom.
At first I was scared of the actual test, then I was scared of the prep. I'm beyond all that now and I'm really only scared of the result. I'm really scared of possibly hearing some bad news. I've been in this mode for 6 weeks now...total anxiety.
So...on that note.....is there anything I might have missed that might make the prep easier? And words of wisdom?
Please keep me in your prayers.

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Hi Pat,

It looks like you are doing what you should be doing. Having a variety of liquids is good as you soon get tired of having the same thing. The prep is the worst part. The procedure itself is not so bad. As with everything the waiting is the worst part.

We will be praying for an unremarkable colonoscopy.


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are these your doctor's instructions for prep? just make sure you are following his;/her instructions, and stay away from anything that could stay in your colon. It's a real dissapointment (from both perspectives..) to have less than a clean colon on exam day. Just keep everything moving down there and try not to worry..it's such a waste of energy because it changes nothing, and usually makes things worse;think good thoughts and have good outcomes.
Concentrate on Superman..

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Yes, these were the instructions that my doc gave me. He wants me to do the 2 day clear fluid thing and the second day will encompass the phospho-soda prep. The things I listed were all things on his "approved" items that I could drink, with the exception of the butterscotch. A pharmacist told me he uses them and it really helps when he has his colonoscopy done.
It's such an anxiety-ridden thing to have to go through. I know that all of you have had to go through this also, but it holds even more anxiety for me since it's my first time.
Thanks for the encouragement.

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Hi Pat,

Looks like you are all ready to go camping (not the fun type though). The hard part is not eating the first day and then you forget about it once the prep sets to working. You can get through it. I was always told once your discharge (sorry, you all know how we love to talk about this. LOL) gets clear, you should be all clean. I knew I was clean when I wasn't sure if I was only peeing or what. UGH. HUGS and you will do fine. Like someone said, the "not knowing" is the worst. Sending good vibes that your tests will be negative.

Lisa f.

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