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Hello Online Family,
Mary from WI here to say "hi" and that I hope you all are safe, happy, and well today and always! ;)

Also, my last post was regarding all of the "what if's" I've been having regarding my mom.

Well, we got the results from her last CT scan this past Monday and there is good news...

Overall and great shrinkage of "all" of the tumors in her liver and lung areas!!!

So, I have realized that I need to focus less on my "what if's" and more on the fact that God does answer all of our prayers!

Thank you again to you all for helping to "keep me sane" through all of this!

Sending big "hugs" to each and every one of you!

Mary from WI

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Mary -

Great news about your mom! Contrary to what George Costanza ("Seinfeld") may say, certain "shrinkages" can be a GOOD thing!

As for the "what ifs"... Survivors and, no doubt, caregivers will always be plagued with them. Three years from now, your mom may get a hang-nail, and you'll both wonder... "What if it's a malignant hang-nail" I'm probably overstating that, but you get the idea. Life will go on. You'll start to be less and less worried - and when you are concerned, go see your doc. Listen the that inner voice.

Best wishes for much continued good news for your mom.


- SpongeBob

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Congrats!!! I'm so happy for your mom that it was good news. Celebrate!

Lisa F.

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That's great! Am so happy it turned out better than you expected. God Bless!!!!!!

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