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CEA is up

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Hi Semi-Colons-

Well, not the news we wanted to hear. After disappointing scan results, we found out yesterday that Jim's CEA level is up from 65 to 86.4. Grrr...

Jim's onc. is very cool and still encouraging. He met with Jim tonight and did some stuff to move his chi around - something to do with his chakras. His oncologist is pretty neat - he practices both Western and Eastern medicine.

My sister-in-law also did a ton of research and came up with several articles that show that a slightly elevated CEA doesn't necessarily mean disease progression. I was happy to hear that.

It's hard not to pin hopes on the CEA. Even though it's so different for everyone, we were really excited watching it decline. (He started at 159.1, so it's not like it has doubled.) When they called and told us we sort of took it in - not upset like with the scan results. We know that we are going to be meeting with Dr. Kemeny next week and that seems to help.

We aren't any more discouraged, just...I don't know. Jim's been sick today with this round of chemo. I think he's a little more sick because he's disappointed with the news but it's hard to tell - he's not saying much at this point.

Wish us luck in NY. I'll post our results as soon as we get back. If we could just get rid of the little tumors, it seems like there would be SO many more options for the bigger ones on his liver. I'm so frustrated.

We will succeed. I feel it with every fiber of my being. I think part of my emotion is rooted in impatience. I am very results-oriented. I want progress yesterday! :)

Thanks, guys.


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Hi Kate,
I am sorry the CEA is not moving in the direction we would like. But, as is pointed out frequently on this board, CEA is not the most accurate of tests -- and, as you point out, the change is not a huge one. I hope this is just a 'blip' . I can relate to your frustration. I used to be someone who enjoyed control, pre-planning, seeing the fruits of 'working harder'. Cancer has been a great lesson for me in 'letting go'. But it still ain't easy!

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Your husband is lucky to have you as his advocate. I am sending positive vibes and hugs your way. I am glad that you are getting another opinion. Good luck in NY and try to hang in there. You have such a great attitude.

There are so many stage 4 survivors on this board.


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try not to worry..see my post to your Feb 13 post-

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Ahoy, Kate & Jim -

How cool does your onc sound? What I would give for a doc who did my chakras and chi - of course the minute that doc did something like that in the middle of battlefield he'd be fired. I have often been amazed how readily so many western docs discount eastern medicine.

Anyway, best of luck to you guys in NY.


- SB

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Hi Kate,

We are all pulling for you and your husband here. Like it was said the CEA can go up for many reasons and not always because of tumor growth so take heart. And your onc does sound cool. Mine is under the impression it is ok to do this stuff but he doesn't hold much stock in it. I'm all for trying everything to beat the beast. Good luck in NY. Will keep you and hubby in my thoughts.

Lisa F.

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Thoughts and prayers are with Jim & you, Kate. Please keep us posted. I know we have similar situations and we are both from NY apparantly! I can totally relate to your impatience and I share your optimism. Keep the faith! Your welcome to email me anytime. God Bless

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