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What seems to be the normal time from biopsy to surgery

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Hi Mike50,

My time was 3 weeks if that helps..


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It normally depends your gleason score. My gleason score was 6. I was told I did not have to rush into surgery. I took my time and interviewed 7 doctors and 4 procedures. It was approximately 3 months before I had my surgery. I had my surgery on 12/27 and I am feeling fine. No incontinence issues or ED issues. There is a cure to this disease. Good Luck

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I took sometime to pick the treatment and the Dr. I wanted and also looked at going to the Mayo but stayed local. I took about 6 weeks.

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There is several articles on the internet and per conversations with most Doctors the recommended wait time after biopsy is a min of 6 to 8 weeks. This allows time for the prostrate to heal and prevent any contamination to other cells during the removal process. That is also why the robotic procedure the prostrate is encapuslated into a bag before it is removed from the area. Lardog

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Mike -- my doc said 6 weeks

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