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Mom Collapsed, Need Advise...

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Well, on Friday of last week , my mom had her first colonoscopy. She was not diagnosed by one. The surgeon who preformed my mom's original surgery to remove a large tumor from her cecum is the doc who did the colonoscopy. My mom had been having rectal bleeding with bowel movements for about 2 weeks before colonoscopy. After the scope, the doc came out and told me and my dad that my mom's colon looks great. Nice and pink, and very smooth and clean. She still has mets to her adrenal glands, but we will take good news where ever we can find it. Apparently, the bleeding was coming from two internal hemorrhoids. We were very happy to hear that. So, that was the good news. But on Saturday afternoon, my mom collapsed from severe pain. We thought she was having a heart attack. My dad called 911 and my mom was taken to the hospital. A series of tests were done. EKG, CT scan, X Ray, and extensive blood work. All the test came back perfect. In fact, ER doc said we could sell them on the streets. That most people would love to have tests that look as good as my moms. That was good news, but it does not explain why my mom was in terrible pain. The GI doc was called in and he said it had nothing to do with the scope. It has been a long couple of days, does anyone know what this may be? Or has anyone experienced this after a scope? Her pain is getting less and less so I think this is good. It is just hard not knowing what caused this to happen. Onc and ER doc say this is not the cancer. That the tumors on her adrenal glands are exactly the same as shown on the last PET scan-no bigger, no smaller.

One more thing, I had my mom's records sent to a radiation oncologist in Boulder, Colorado who specializes in CyberKnife radiation surgery. He is looking over my mom's records and will let us know by Wednesday of this week if he thinks he can help my mom. Have any of you heard or done this therapy? It was originally used for head, neck, and spinal tumors, but now is being used for tumors through out the body. I don't know if I am just reaching here or not. I just know that I want to help my mom.

Your thoughts and advise are greatly appreciated.

God bless-


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I don't know about this procedure, but it sounds

like something that we might all want to know about.

You are the best daughter! Your mom is so lucky

to have you helping her. When you are in your

mom's shoes, it is so hard to do all of the

research, insurance, appointments, treatments,

etc. without someone helping you. Care givers


Thanks to everyone out there who shoulders part

of the burden and I hope you will have the same

care and concern from others that Valerie has

for her mom. Jo Ann

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Not to trivialize your mothers pain, but could it have possibly been from gas trapped due to the colonoscopy? Sometimes gas can be excrutiating. My father once went to the hospital because he thought he was having a heart attack or something and it turned out that it was just from gas! We all joke about it, but it was very painful, enough for him to think he was going to die...so, maybe that was the cause, esp. since it has gotten better over time. Has she ever had an upper GI scope? You might consider that just for more peace of mind.
Anyway, I have heard of the CyberKnife, but in the case of my friend it was used for spinal tumors like you mentioned. It has been successful for her though. She has survivied 8 years with advanced Stage IV disease. Try doing a Google search and see what you can find out about it.
Good luck,

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I couple of months ago I had pain in my chest...I really thought it was a heart attack...talked to the doctor...and he said,,,its gas !!!It lasted like a minute or so....it was the next day after the chemo ( was in bed for more than 36 hours straight) Your mom and I are having the same thing right now...it's not growing , its not shrinking...my next ct is in 3 weeks....we are going to pull it off !!!

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Your Moms tests all sound great!!!!!! I agree with the others about trapped gas. It can be extremely painful!!!!!!

Colonoscopy wands use lots of air and water so the docs can see everything. After my last one, first I ate some lunch and when I got home, I went for a walk and sounded like a motor boat, if you get my drift. And it kept up for the next day or so.

I also agree that your Mom is so fortunate to have you as an advocate!!!!!!

Hugs to you all, Lisa P.

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Gas is qa possible culprit, but I also had chest pains and the docs thought they were due to the chemo. Also, I used to have gall bladder attacks that were horrendous. You truly feel like you're having a heart attack and the pain radiates right through to your back. If she experiences another attack, keep yelling until somebody listens.

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Ahoy, Val -

So sorry to hear about your mom's weekend. I tend to agree with the others - maybe gas? Nothing worse than unassociated pain. I am glad to know she is doing better every day. Please send her my regards.

I have also heard of the cyberknife - mostly for brain surgery and other high risk procedures. It wouldbe awesome if they could use it to help your mom. My ex-wife's uncle had cancer of the adrenal glands (primary cancer). He did chemo and was NED the last time I heard from him (several years ago).

Take care. Keeping you, your mom and your family in my prayers.

- SpongeBob

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Hi Valerie-

I cannot comment on your Mom's pain, but I am so sorry that she was in such pain that she collapsed. How upsetting for all of you. I'm praying that the pain has passed. (No pun intended if it really is gas!)

In any case, we have heard of the CyberKnife - it's something we're investigating for when Jim gets rid of his other pesky tumors. A friend of Jim's is a Stage IV cc survivor, and just recently had the CyberKnife done in St. Louis with remarkable results. They think he's completely cancer-free. I did a little research and it seems that there are only around 60 doctors that practice the CyberKnife. Most of what I found seemed to be marketing material. But I also found a link to a trial at Georgetown for the CyberKnife on liver tumors - check this out: http://lombardi.georgetown.edu/about/news/News-show.cfm?newsID=62

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.


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I'm having the cyberknife surgery on Fri. I'm stage IV colorectal cancer dx 9/04. I've had surgery to remove my spleen and a colostomy, radiation and continous chemo (5FU), surgery to remove most of the tumor, more chemo, 12 cycles of Folfox...cancer was still present in a lymph node..Saw another surgeon who said it was inoperable so we did the wait and see method for a while. When my CEA starting rising so my onc went for the cyberknife, to be done by my original radiologist at St Lukes Milwaukee. I've had the gold fiducials implanted 2 weeks ago, last week they did the scans and the computer mapping and made a body mold and come Fri they will do the actual surgery. Hope this works as I've never been NED yet. I wish all of you and your mother the best of luck and if you would like any more info let me know. I'm getting to be an expert at some of this crap.

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Damn, KariK - sounds like you've been through it all! I think it's awesome that you have stayed the course and you're now doing this break-through surgery. I have done some work with St. Luke's hyperbaric medicine folks in the past - Dr. Eric Kindwall and John Kronin. If their nuclear medicine is anything like their hyperbaric medicine department, it's top-notch. Wishing you good NED news at the end of your adventure!


- SpongeBob

PS... gold fiducials... I'm guessing those don't go on your teeth like a rap star?

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Hi Valerie,

I thought of gall bladder also. My husband had such pain one night that we thought he was having a heart attack. Rushed him to the hospital and 6 hours later find out he has gall stones. He has had trouble off and on with bowels and pains. You know us cancer survivors, always thinking that is what it was. I guess it doesn't help that his mom has chrones also. I'm hoping it is just gas for your mom because mine was so bad after my tumor surgery but maybe ask if they got a look at the gall bladder. His pain radiated up to his checks from abdomen and into his back some too. HUGS and still sending prayers for your mom and family.

Lisa F.

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dont panic just yet val, i tend to go with susan on this one, i was thinking trapped gas myself. stay positive, trust the docs as you say you do and with god on your side all will work out fine. god bless you and i will be praying for you and your mom and the rest of your family.

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