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Scary Dr. Appointment today

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Hi all, you don't know me because I haven't been on here much, but I thought I could use all the prayers and good thoughts I can get. I have a Dr. appointment today after two rounds of hexalen and this is the first time I will see what my CA125 had done since starting that drug. I hope I get the results today. Just wanted to say that it's nice of all of you to be so caring about each other and I want to be a part of that. Ok, I'll go for now. Thanks everyone.


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We all know what you are going thru right now, and we're anxious with you! Here's hoping and praying that you get very, very good news today! Let us know as soon as possible. With love and hugs, MichaelaMarie

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Waiting for results is the worst! Good luck and I will say a prayer for good results.

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This is such a good place to be, and God hears prayer. If we could get past the anxiety, that would be great, but I havent been able to yet.
You are in my prayers.
Oh and I havent figured the time table out yet either, so just keep praying and believing!

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A prayer goes out to you. Keep us posted. I wish you well. Liz

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Thank you all for all your prayers. I can truly thank God today as my CA126 went from 600 down to 25! Awesome! God truly answers prayers. The Dr. wants me to keep on the hexalen for a couple more rounds and then do a petscan. She was really surprised that it had dropped that much. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

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Hey Shortstuff, some wild news with the blood test today! All the way down must mean something is really happening with the Hexalen. This gives us all a hopefull moment! Congratulations and enjoy your news to the max!

So much to be thankful for here today. All this courage and faith and hope in one place. Thank you.


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OH MY GOSH! That's the best news! You must be floating on a cloud! Hang in there for those final treatments and enjoy the rewards!
Hugs and Prayers!

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Welcome shortstuff!!!
I was getting ready to send power prayers and good thoughts and then I read your next post....so now I'm doing the happy hop!!!! Wow!!! a ca-125 of 25 from 600 is a stunning drop and I'm so happy for you. The ladies here are truly a great bunch, they all have been there, and then some... They love and care and understand because of our common bond we have been destined to meet. So welcome..and (((hugz)))..Joanne

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Wow, and double WOW!!!!! Fabulous news! Love, MichaelaMarie

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Wonderful News, that is an amazing drop. I am doing the dance with the rest of the group.

Prayers N Hugs bonnie

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