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Inoperable tumor

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I found out last Tuesday after a CT (Jan 23) and PET (Jan 30) scan my cancer has returned and in a very agressive fashion. Two tumors on the liver near the portal veins and also on the lymph nodes. ( my last scans were October 31)The other tumor is operable with a resection.
The were four surgeons at the case conference along with a radiation onc, and my regular oncologist. All came to the same conclusion the one tumor was inoperable.
Now facing once again radiation and chemo. I get my tattoo this coming Friday. Should start the with radiation and chemo (xeloda) shortly after.
Have any of you had radiation on your liver? My last radiation was on the bladder because the tumor in the colon rested on the bladder. If you had radiation on your liver, how did you do?
This is tough, just pray this treatment destroys the tumor.

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Damn, Mark....

Hopefully the rads and Xeloda will kill it and shrink it. Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hang tough and know that we're always here for you.

- SpongeBob

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You are in our prayers. I am wishing you the very best outcome. You deserve it. Inoperable be damned! You'll get rid of it.


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Hi Mark,

Sorry to hear the news. Just remember- inoperable doesn't mean indestructable. We are with you in this fight. Will be praying for obliteration of the ******* cells.


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I didn't have radiation on the liver but did on the colon along with xeloda in low dosage followed by high dosages. It sure was effective. I had a tumor about the size of a small plum and when they did the surgery and removed it, they had to slice the tumor 19 times to find any cancer. The chemo and radiation killed over 98%. The side effects were extreme for me. I don't know what it will do for liver tumors but although I hate xedola I hope it works well for you. It's suppose to spread out through the body much like cancer and damge cancer cells. It also damages other cells and side effects are not good but you can handle it.

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Are Sir spheres an option? You might want to ask about them. See post further down the list that explains.
Good luck,

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thank you for your kind reply. I am familiar with this a friend of mine had it done in December. However it does not seem to be an option for me.

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Is Radio Frequency Abalation or Cryo-Ablation an option. I had an inoperable tumor in 2002 and got into a clinical that used RFA to treat pain and I am still waiting to start chemo when the tumor they CAN'T FIND begins to grow again. I would look into as many options as I could find.

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I have had two RFA's one in August 2005 and August 2006. The other I am not familiar. The RFA, or any surgery is not possible because of the danger being so close to the portal veins. Thus the reason that surgery is not an option. Thank you so very much for your suggestion and concern. Can you expalin this other abalation?
Thanks again,

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If RFA is not an option then the Cryo-abalation is probally out also. Cryo is basically the same as Radio Frequency except it is freezing instead of burning. I haven't had the procedure, but some in the clinical that I was in were offered cryo-ablation when the tumor grew after being treated with RFA.

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