Update No go with the stent

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Hi thought I would give you all a follow up. Well they were not able to stent Ben ureter it was all wrapped up in scar tissue. They canceled doing it yesterday and tried to do it this morning with no luck so only other option I think is they will put a tube in Bens side to his kidney. It was a shock when they took him down this morning at 7:30 am they hadnt given us a time so his sister who lives close by was able to get there in time to speak to the doctors as I live 45 minutes away. She said they where going to do something this afternoon but nothing was ever done. So dont know if they are kicking back trying to think of what they need to do. Not sure if they are going to be doing anything over the weekend or not.
Ive been trying to look threw the web to see if I can find any info on what they may do. Most I can find is about stents or temporary thing but we are talking this will be permanent. Anyone else have this problem ? I know it needs to be done soon before he really damages his only working kidney



  • lynn1222
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    sorry to hear about this unfortunate news, i just had my stent put in for the second time. i dont have any info on what they do if they cant get it in, however i can offer you my prayers. god bless you
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    I just had a stent put in my left ureter on January 12th, scar tissue build-up, good ole radiation scar tissue.

    I know I signed a waiver if they could not do it.....sad to say I do not recall what the other option was if it was closed off.

    I am sorry I could not be of more help.

    God Bless,

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    I am not sure of further options if unsuccessful. I do knpw that it took 3 tries, each 2 days apart to get my stent through the ureter. So I have had a similar problem, but I had more options dealing with 1 ureter/kidney while the other was fine. Hopefully they wil find a way, you all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing Ben well.
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    Hi Teresa,
    Sorry to hear that they were not able to stent Ben.
    My husband is in the same situation. His cancer returned in the same area. Left ureter which in turn has stopped the functioning of the left Kidney.
    We have been through the Stent decision three different times. This has been going on since 2005.
    His left kidney is still in him. It is really swollen at this time and they are going back and forth on draining the kidney or putting in a stent. His right kidney is still working.
    At this time they are leaving it.
    I hope they are able to save that Kidney. Hopefully they will be able to put in his port in soon so he can begin treatments.
    Sorry I can't be more of a help, but I can offer my prayers to you and Ben.
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    I am not too familiar with these procedures, but I will definitely keep you and Ben in my prayers.

    God bless,

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    My brother-in-law had damage due to large kidney stones not cancer. He too needed a stent and it took several attempts in each of the several failures and retrys before they were somewhat sucessful. Scar tissue was the problem as well. It was painful and the doctors seem to treat his family like it they didn't need to know. In my case a few years back my wife had a ovarian tumor. The doctor said it would take about two hours if non-cancerous but if it was it could be several hours more. Six hours later we found out that the surgery had ended five hours earlier and the doctor had gone to lunch and forgot to let us know. Never again......press hard for info and continue until you get it.