How bout some good news

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A brief history; 3 years ago dxed stage IV rectal cancer with 3 mets to liver and 1 to the left lung. Surgery was not an option at that time. Read my personal webpage here if you are interested in more specifics. I did 8 months of Folfox with Avastin but after a nasty bout of acute peritonitis that almost killed me a few months before my dx (yep the docs missed my cancer then), I was very weak and the chemo just got to me faster then it probably would have otherwise.

I felt like it was killing my spirit and knew I had to stop, but I also knew I had to keep fighting, just in a different way or the cancer would kill me for sure. After watching my CEA get to 5.1 (from 35 the first time it was taken)I found a Naturopathic Dr. with a PhD in Clinical Nutrition and followed her recommendations to the letter.

Long story short, 1 year later my rectal mass, 2 liver mets and lung met were not longer visible on the CT scans. That was in Nov. 2005.

My last testing in November of last year were the best ever, my CEA was only 1.2!!!! CEA was a good indicator for me. My oncologist said that since I had now gone 2 years without chemo with no recurrance that is was time to go 6 months between testing. I did not feel comfortable with that so we compromised with me waiting for scans 6 months but would have blood work (CEA) in 3.

That was done today and everything is still fine, and I am relieved. The most amazing part of the day was when my oncologist shared with me that in his 30 years in GI oncology, I am only the 3rd to be in a non-surgical remission and I am the only one to have found it with the path I have chosen to follow.

That was 4 hours ago and I am still letting it all sink in. After 3 years I am seeing a side of my oncologist I have never seen before. I cried on my way home as the emotions swept over me. I'm crying writing this but I HAVE TO write this.

EVERYONE, I don't care how you choose to fight the **** cells, you have to BELIEVE YOU CAN.

I hope this provides inspiration to many of you. It really CAN HAPPEN!!!!!!! Sorry this is so long but it's hard to put 3 years of very, very scary moments in a single paragraph.

Hugs to you all, Lisa P.


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    You are an inspiration to all of us. I know I still have alot of changes to make in lifestyle and diet. Hoping to have the willpower and proper knowledge to do it but seeing how you and Emily have done makes me think I can.

    Thank you.

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    Lisa, I am so happy for you, is so GOOOOOOD for us newbies to read stories like yours. Enjoy life
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    You go girlfriend!!! Congrats Lisa!!!

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    I forgot to include the most inspirational part of my journey thus far......... 3 years ago, I was given 2-3 years to live.....

    Guess there were wrong there!!!!!!!!
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    Lisa: This is truly wonderful news!!! You are an inspiration and a beacon of hope. Monica
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    That's terrific Lisa. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.
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    Oh Lisa!
    I am so happy for you!!! You are such an inspiration to my family. Keep living strong!!
    Lots of love sent your way-
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    I'll never be able to articulate what your posts mean to me. You are a true story of hope and inspiration and I often visit your webpage to help me push on and take care of my husband.

    Congratualtions on such wonderful news. And congratulations on doing it your way with a winning spirit.

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    Yay! I am so happy for you. You are such an inspiration! I sent your list of regimen to my dad and I always refer to it. It means a lot to us.
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    You are my SHERO!

    I have a dream........of showing my oncologist I can beat this beast, just like you have showed yours!

    I also have such a strong since of purpose in my journey! I WILL BEAT THE BEAST!

    Thank you for sharing and giving such inspiration!

    God Bless,

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    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for sharing your good news. I'm so happy for you and also happy to hear some good news. Sometimes reading bad news really gets to me!
    I hope that you're celebrating well!
    Take care,
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    Excellent News!!! I Love reading posts like these. Your story is very inspirational, particularly since I was given 2 years to live 7 years ago and then 1 year 5 years ago with recurrence. This also gives those of us who have run out of surgical options a ray of hope.
    Thank You for sharing.
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    Hi Lisa,
    Congratulations mate the survival instincts in some people are just so strong that even deadly diseases don't stand a chance. Perhaps the docs are getting it wrong. Perhaps instead of chemo they should be try to distil an essence of Lisa ,Tracey,Runnerz,Foxy,Emily to boost the survival instincts of sufferers. Lots of love and luck for the future,Ron.
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    ron50 said:

    Hi Lisa,
    Congratulations mate the survival instincts in some people are just so strong that even deadly diseases don't stand a chance. Perhaps the docs are getting it wrong. Perhaps instead of chemo they should be try to distil an essence of Lisa ,Tracey,Runnerz,Foxy,Emily to boost the survival instincts of sufferers. Lots of love and luck for the future,Ron.

    Hi Lisa.....congratulations on reaching the "almost" 3 year mark! My onc
    said the same thing about the start time for remission. That puts me at 3
    years this month!
    It is incredible that around 3 years ago you and I both were talking on the
    phone together. Both full of much anxiety and worry and yet here we fortunate to be here.
    There is much to remember from those sometimes worrying times and we all
    have each other to thank for the support we have gained from each
    other....including all our friends on CSN.
    I have been away again and leave again tomorrow morning ...grrrrrrrr....I
    hate being away from home...but what must be, must be. When I return next
    week it will be my turn to front up for a's hoping all will be
    Celebrate deserve to be.
    I wonder if you could put it this way;
    E(substitute remission)


    E=MC squared
    Calculate ------result..................................remission for
    huggs..........Ross n Jen

    ps.....your story IS an inspiration for all!
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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful news.

    I remember how I felt when my onc told me 6 mo. before a scan. Your safety net is suddenly gone. I'm so glad that yours recovery is going so well. I have my first 6mo scan in March. I feel so much better than I did last year at this time at the end of my chemo. Surely the CT will come out ok. I am not going to spend my time worrying. Life is far to valuable to waste. I am working out and having fun. Jo Ann
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    Sorry I am late in responding to your wonderful news. I am happy for you..Audrey
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    It is so great to hear about this wonderful news!!! You are such an inspiration to me and my family. You are living proof that there is hope. I am so happy for you. You have worked so hard to be healthy and it is paying off. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us.

    God bless,

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    you go girlfriend, you are an inspiration to all cancer survivors