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Friday Yummies - Bellpepper juice, anyone?

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Hi Guys:

Call me Sherlock. I've been doing some detective work in search of a good natual food source for vitamin C - the grand-daddy of antioxidants.

Before you reach for that glass of pastuerized orange juice, which the TV ads would have you believe as the epitome of health and good nutrition, consider the follow data.

1 Papaya-------304g----187.87----5.47------118.56
1c Bellpepper---92g----174.80----1.84-------24.84
1c Brocolli-----156g----123.40----4.68-------43.68
1c Strawberry--144g-----81.65----3.31-------43.20
1 Orange-------131g-----69.69----3.13-------61.57
1c Tomato------180g-----34.38----1.98-------37.80
1c Kale boiled-130g-----88.80----5.10-------36.40

So, you can see, orange is not a super star here.

Next week normalize the weight, and compare the same items again, for 500g of each item. Pound for pound, orange loses even more ground.


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Posts: 720
Joined: Jan 2006

...sorry, accidentally hit the button too soon. So here's part II of this.

If the numbers above are not convincing enough, check of the following:

- From the Internet I found the food label for a leading brand of FL organge juice, and it says: 8oz, 28g sugar, 120 carlories, 100% RDA of Vit C, which is a miserly 75mg for adult women and 90mg for adult men.

- Incidentally, an 8oz can of Coke, not the 12-oz can, but the little guys, has 27g of sugar. Purely coincidental? I think not.

- Most commercial OJ are flash pasteurized at 71.5c-74c, too hot for vitamin C to survive. So I wonder if the traces of Vit C in OJ is added? Just wondering. Given that ligth, oxygen, just about anything can oxdize Vit C, what makes it such a good antioxidant, makes it really hard to preserve. That tub of OJ which sat in a plastic bottle in a well-light grocery store for some time, can't be good for vit C to survive.

So, I would bet my bottom dollar on biting into a fresh bellpepper anyday. Or if you really like oranges, eat them or juice them at home yourself!


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thanks for your hard work on this one-the bell pepper is a real suprise to me..these are going to become a raw snack..
a side bar to this; FDA just approved vit C as a treatment for crc. My doc says it's only effective by infusion. bud

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Posts: 720
Joined: Jan 2006

You go Bud! Hey if you get bad breath from it, I am not responsible :)

Make sure you get organic ones coz bellpeppers get a lotta spray.

Have a great weekend Bud!

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