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cancer has reappeared

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I have not been on lately, I never posted much. I have read more. I always felt this was a place you could ask anything, and someone has always been where you. I had my three year's in remission July 2006, I was told to join the living. I am stage IV, I will spare you the details again. I have a web page. I went for routine check lab, PET & CT scan the last week of January. My cancer has re appeared, it is inoperable this time. (multiple hypodense nodes in the intraaortocaval region) I have the courage to try again, just trying to decide what! Please remember me in your prayers.


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I will say a prayer for you. I, too, am more of a lurker but have found posting helps! I need these guys!

Please be positive, we can survive this!

God bless you


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i remember you Jean; guess it's always a personal choice -all we can do is support what you decide to do..it's all in God's hands anyway if you believe. personally I would rather believe and discover I was right than not believe and find that I was wrong..you are in my prayers. bud

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Jean: I am so sorry the cancer has come back, but you beat it before, and you can do it again. Be strong and don't give up hope. You will be in my prayers. Monica

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Hi Jean,

Being a newbie I didn't know you from before. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with the beast again. So glad to hear that your courage is intact in spite of all this. Best of luck to you!

Please keep us posted on what course of treatment your doctor recommends!


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You've already won - you're ready for the fight and you know what to do. I am a newbie so I wasn't here for your previous struggle (and I just started posting more often!), but you have so many supporters and stories of hope here - you know you can do it and think about how your own story inspires so many others.

You are in my prayers.


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I am so incredibly sorry that cancer has appeared again. But, I am glad to be acquainted with you. I know you will bring a lot (again) to the site. Wishing you the best in this hard time of decisions. Please post soon. All the best and only good thoughts, Maura

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I am sorry that it has returned. I will pray for you and your family to give strength and faith.

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I am so sorry. But, I hope you can find encouragement in knowing that there are several new drugs to help. It appears 5fu/Leucovorin worked well for you the 1st time, just wait til your cancer comes up against Folfox, Avastin, and some of the newer drugs.

Good luck in making the right decisions and tolerating whatever that might be.


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Keep the faith Jean. I admire your courage. Your in my prayers.

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I'm so sorry the 'beast' has returned.

I'll be praying and sending lots of hug vibes your way.


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cheer, i will be praying for you, i know where you are right now as my routine check-up 2 weeks ago revealed the same, we beat it once and we can do it again. just bieleve...............
god bless you

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I really appreciate all who have answered my message. Life has kept me from thanking you days ago.I feel stronger today, the prayers are working!nanuk, thanks for remembering me. Yes I believe! Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.My oncologist, plans to give me FOLFOX6( Oxaliplatin+5-FU,LV, Avastin. Research drug Xaliproden. Thus far, I am refusing Oxalipatin &
the research drug. If anyone could tell me how they have experienced Avastin, I would appreciate it.In no way do I mean to come across as a sob story, or to bring anyone down. I felt the need to post, and I do know how great all of you are with your prayers and encouragement.You are like new best friends.

Blessings to you,

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I have had the same news as you. It was confimed this past Tuesday. I would love to talk to you more. I have been on Avastin, it worked well.
contact me on my web page www.walzhope.com or my email address. markdwalz@bellsouth.net
I too am a child of the King and serve Jesus everyday.
Praying for you and would love to talk.

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