Surgery Update

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Well my colonoscopy came back clear as well as my CT Scan so I am now scheduled for colon reconnection on Tuesday, 27 Feb 07. Hospital stay is about 5-6 days if all goes well. Recovery time is 4-8 weeks and the BEST NEWS of all, I was told I could return to weight lifting in June 07, HURRAY, HURRARY!!!!!

I know, the BEST NEWS of all was NED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • mtpat7
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    AWESOME! Congratulations on some great news!
  • spongebob
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    Awesome news, Nudgie!!!

    Great news, too, about being able to get back into lifting.

  • valeriec
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    Great new Nudgie!! I will pray that surgury and recovery go well!! Then, it is time to hit the gym!!!! Good luck!
  • vinny3
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    that's great news, nudgie. Be sure to ask them if there is any type of exercise you should avoid when you return to the weights. Depending upon the route of the incisions there can be a risk for developing a hernia along the incision with certain exercises. Continue to enjoy NED.

  • AveriRN
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    Congrats!!!!!!nudgie, aren't those the sweetest words you've ever heard? Enjoy the NED and plan a celebratory night out.

  • Patrusha
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    That Rocks, Nudgie! Go out and paint the town!
  • alta29
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    I'm so thankful your CT came back clear. I do know how important these positive steps and encouragements are!

    May God bless.
  • katefm
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    Congratulations! That is awesome news!
  • ruggersocks
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    I'm so happy for you! Congratulations.

    Praying everything runs smoothly with the surgery and the recovery.