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My Friends Dad

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Hi all,
A couple weeks ago, I posted about a girlfriend that I went to high school with. Her dad was recently diagnosed with what they said was stage 3 rectal cancer. She texted me last night while I was in Spanish class and said that after further testing (maybe a PET...I am not sure) that they have restaged him at stage 4. He has spread to prostate. Please pray for this family as they start their journey. His name is Jimmy. Like my mom, he is 63 years young.
Thanks and God bless-

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Val -

Me voy a recordar a tu amiga y la familia suya en mis rezos.

Entiendes lo que escribi? Ni a yo tampoco.


- SB

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Gracias Senor SB-
Si, yo entiendo lo que tu escribes. Tu recordas a mi familia en tus rezos, tambien. Yo voy a la casa de mi padre y mi madre a hoy. Mi madre va a ir el doctor manana para colonoscopy.(I have no idea how to say that in Spanish!!!) Mi madre esta muy nerviosa y muy preocupada y muy triste. Ella esta muy enamorada con su la familia.(Not sure if I wrote that right, but hopefully close enough.)
Que Dios lo bendecir-

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Hi Valerie,

My dad, like your mom and your friend's dad is 63 years old too. Will keep you all in prayers.

Meant to reply to your "standing strong" e-mail, which is on the second page now. But I am so happy that your faith is a rock for you to lean on. God has a plan for each of us and He loves us so much that we cannot imagine. Sometimes it is easy for us to forget in the midst of all trials in life. Keep hoping, keep fighting, keep praying.

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Thanks Carm-
God is my plan and I am sticking to it!! I'll keep your dad in my prayers. keep me posted to how he is doing!
God bless-

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HI valerie, I will be praying too for your friend's Dad, it is dissapointing to tell you one stage, first and then find out a different story, It happenned to me, I was told by the surgeon that I had a very early lesion, no chemo ,but we needed to wait for the patology after surgery, it was a shock to me when he told me,that I was stage 3,with one positive node and referred me to an oncologist it was devastating. By the way I am impressed with you and SB spanish, if you want to practice your spanish you could e-mail me. lots of hugs, Betina

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