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Surgery March 12-VERY AFRAID

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I am a 58 yr. old male who has been bladder cancer free for 15 years. It has returned and is a T-1 High grade and my urologist, whom I highly respect, feels that the best thing to do to give me a long term prognosis is to remove the bladder, prostate and one ureter. I know this is a huge surgery and I know what the results will be in terms of life change. I can't put a finger on why I am so depressed and afraid but I think it has to do with what long term means? I have a 22 month old grandson, beautiful wife of 38 years and a 91 yr. old mother. This is all just so overwhelming and I just need to hear some real stories about what to expect after surgery and is this really a possible cure? Thanks, Tom in Michigan

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So sorry I did not see your message before but I am hoping you have had your surgery and are in the recovery stage. I am female 54 had my bladder removed in 04 and ureter and kidney removed in 06 but I am feeling good living one day at a time had a neo bladder constructed and I have triplet grandchildren that are now 3 and I'm enjoying every minute with them. I ask if I am cancer free and I am told we will watch you closely going for 6 month MRI's now and the last one in March was clear. We can all only live one day at a time no matter if we have cancer or not.

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My mother is considering having her bladder removed. She has had BCG treatments in the past and now at stage 3 the doctor is recommending bladder removal. She is 83 - in good shape and a world traveler. Is recovery too difficult for her age? We are wondering if she should just continue on with more chemo and pain medication down the road and chalk it up to having lived a great life. Knowing what you do, would you put up with the change of life and recovery if you were 83?

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My husband 50, had hi grade aggressive bladder cancer, was working its way thru the bladder wall, no lymph node involvement. He had neo bladder reconstruction,May of 03'- Dispite the nasty surgery and recovery and secondary surgery in Dec 05 (massive hernias) he is well, and healthy and go only once a year for follow up diag. tests. The first couple of months after surgery were tough, but he has been able to put it behind him and we have moved on.
Best wishes Reeladyd@yahoo.aom

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I had similar surgery at the age of 60 and I am now 65. No sign of cancer since surgery. I am optomistic that I can live another 20 years. It is important not to procrastinate since this form of cancer can spread to muscles and or the lymph nodes. I was operated on by perhaps the leading surgeon in this field. What is being recommended to you is exactly what he suggested to myself before surgery. You have nothing to be afraid of. It is encouraging that medicine and surgical techniques have advanced so far.

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tom ; hello I'm a 44 yr old my operation was just as yours and I'm doing great,my life is as normal as it could be .The neobladder is ok there is some tricks to it .They just got the one piece of me to work that was most important to me and my bride of six months I will be able to use it sometime in july. Please live your life and have fun. If you have any questions pleas ask ,someone told me how to use it .Handybranch@aol.com

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