colon cancer vaccine

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Hi all I just wanted to post to some of the st 4 survivors about this colon ca vaccine they are doing clinical trials with. They are looking for pts who have had liver mets but no active disease at this time, also had to have last resection within a yr. I am awaiting call from Duke to see if I will be in this trial (my onc recommended). The doc's name there doing it is Dr. Michael Morse there is some info on it if you go to They apparently have several diff ones but this one is a phase II study. Just thought I'd let some of the liver mets survivors know. Take care all



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    Cool beans, Averi - Thanks for sharing!
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    Very encouraging. Thanks for the info.

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    We're not there yet, but I know we will be within the year. I hope we can get Jim into a trial like this. Thanks for sharing!