Need "Lots" of Prayers

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Its been along time and I dont even know if anyone even remember me on this site
So small bit about my hubby cause if I dont it could go on and on and on
Hubby first dx stage 3 with nodes back in 1993 at age 38 has recurred 4 more time 95,97,2004 and now .
Chemos have been
5fu and levamisole
5fu and leucovorin
Hes also had 6 weeks radiation. Colostomy done in 97
No chemo in 2004 do to non-healing of surgical wounds
Now we have been really hit with by far the worst as all his other have remained within his pelvic. He also lost the use of his left kidney in 95 when the tumor wrapped itself up around his ureter causing it to damage the kidney.

Back in July we got our first hits something wasn't right again when he lost the use of his bladder he ended up in the hospital in Oct in kidney failure. He now also has a Foley (sp?) Cath since Oct.He also was dealing with pain and pressure at the rectum area. They removed the rectum in 2004.. Well like when he got the colostomy life went on though he still was having pain/pressure till the Friday before Christmas when his Onco called saying his CEA took a huge jump and they wanted scans asap. Well Ben also is battling diabetes so his sugar at the time was too high for Pet scan.. sugar has to be below 200 to have it done. CT showed mulit small tumor in both of his lungs and a mass below his tail bone. We were told this 3 weeks ago. Ben went last Monday to get a port put in since so much involvement in his lung and multi surgeries to his pelvic hes being offered chemo only
This time they plan on using 5FU,leucovorin and oxaliplatin the did say they had another but Ben couldnt not be on that because it could break down his wound which is now alot of scar tissue.
So we are at the hospital getting ready to have the port install when he blood report cames back and he once again in kidney failure. They where going to put him under but then just did local. They sent us home..Well thing got worse and worse as last week went on. I kept telling him lets go to the ER but you know he wouldn't and I understand hes been threw so much. I did get him though to agree to go to his kidney doctor yesterday. They put him right in the hospital. His potassium was up to 6.2 and we where told his heart could have stopped at anytime.
Today his levels are still bad and we were told even worse then yesterday. So tomorrow he will be taken to the ER and they are going to look to see if there is another blockage like he had in 95 to his right kidney they are thinking if there is they might try to stent it , If they cant then they will put a tube on his side directly to the kidney bypassing the bladder or.. if there isnt a blockage and its that his kidney is just shot he will start dialysis tomorrow.
Of couse I guess you can tell chemo has been called off for now.

I need prayers. I just cant understand why he always has to suffer so.We try so hard to live even a little bit of a life with cancer and it feels like sometimes he like a punching bag that just keeps getting knocked down



  • fedester
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    i am sorry to hear the beast is back.
    ypu and hubby are in my prayers.
    be well
    never,ever give up.
  • katefm
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    I am so sorry. I don't understand why this happens or why it hits people who just want to live the best lives they can. You are in my prayers. I pray for healing - both mental and physical- for you and your husband.

  • pink05
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    I am so sorry to hear of all the suffering your husband has been going through. I'm glad you came back here for support. Please know that I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. It sounds like your husband has gone through so much but yet has survived it all. Praying that he will get through this as well.

    God bless,

  • Monicaemilia
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    Teresa: I'm sorry you are both going through this. Please know that you are in my prayers. Monica
  • jsabol
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    You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you both continued strength to deal with this hard road, Judy
  • valeriec
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    I am so sorry for all that you and your husband have had to go through. You both sound like fighters to me. Please know you are both in my prayers.
    God bless-
  • Moesimo
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    My heart goes out to you and your husband. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending hugs your way.

  • betina61
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    Teresa,it should be very hard to be fighting for that long, and now have these news, I hope that you both keep that fighting spirit to beat this one more time. You both will be in my prayers.
  • goldfinch
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    I'm so sorry for all that you and your husband are going through. You both are in my prayers.
  • spongebob
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    Teresa & Ben -

    Know that you are both in my thoughts and prayers. I remember you very well, Tessyann!

    - SpongeBob
  • foxy
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    Please know that you are both in my prayers. I also was diagnosed in 1993 and had the same chemo, I will never have levamisole again. I pray that all that can be done will be done, you will be in my prayers constantly.