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Wee!!!! - 4 years cancer free

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Hi folks,
I just wanted to offer hope to everyone and share in my celebration of 4 years of being cancer free from NSCLC Stage 3B (right pneumonectomy January 2003). I'm a 45 year old male if anyone was wondering. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've been busy with kids, work and life in general. My hopes and prayers are with everyone fighting this desease. Thanks to everyone who posts here for your support. Especially those that are regulars. You know who you are. This web site has been a major source of information, support and empathy for me throughout my fight. Enjoy every day.

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I am so happy to hear this news! It's things like this that give me hope and keep me going. Thanks for sharing and keep doing whatever it is you are doing to have such a great success!

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Great for you. I love hearing stories like yours,they give me hope.Was any of your lymph nodes effected? In Aug.05 i had right lung and 17 lymph nodes removedof which 2 were effected. I have been ned since and hope and pray it continues.I was stage 2b. Thanks again and I hope you have many more birthdays.

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I had several lymph nodes removed during surgery and none of them tested positive for cancer. Since then I have had some lymph nodes showing signs of enlargement, but so far, no cancer.

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How wonderful. I share your happiness and good fortune. I am an 8 year stage3-4 lung cancer survivor! May you continue to have good fortune.

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Congratulations!!! I know the feeling. I'm just over 5 years out from NSCLC, 3b.
May you continue to enjoy a healthy, happy and prosperous life!

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Congratulations jalexander!

I hope you continue to post to inspire others in the fight against cancer that the battle can be won - even those of the late stages of 3 and 4.

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I love to hear the positive stories, they give us all hope, that we can do it too. I went and had my hair shaved off before it falls out and the lady at the wig store, (it's run by cancer survivors) told me that she keeps a picture of herself with her bald head with her all the time and when she get a little cocky she takes a look at her picture and tells herself not to sweat the small stuff. I think she has a good idea, I will do the same.
Thanks to all of you here.

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This is my first posting, on any site actually. Wanted to tell you I loved hearing your story, thank you. I'm a 43 year old female. Diagnosed with NSCLC Stage 3B, right pneumonectomy March 2006. After, I had 3 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. Looking forward to my "1 year since surgery" the end of the month. Congrats on 4 years! Have many more! Thank you again.

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