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Worst Weekend?

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Just wanted to share with you my past weekend...and see if karma is at work here. This weekend, 8 years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer...literally a pain in the butt. On this past Friday I was finishing my peaceful morning run when I came upon a large labrador retriever feasting on a fresh rabbit. Needless to say he did not want to share the rabbit and instead took off after me with his teeth showing and snapping. I fended him off by shouting expletives while not turning my back on him only to take a far less than graceful fall on my left buttocks (location of my ex-tumor)...leaving me sore and bruised for the weekend. To cap it off, was backing up out of my driveway on Sunday and a white pick-up truck (that blended in with the 5 foot snow banks, clipped the, you guessed it, rear end, of my nice little Subaru, trashing the back of the car. Nobody was hurt, damage was only moderate, but for awhile I felt awful...until I realized that these events were messages to remember what really is important in life...that I am alive and kicking after beating cancer...raising my kids, working full-time and running every day (well, after my butt is a little less sore). It took my wife to help me realize this...butt (LOL)by today I am feeling better, and will just move forward, smashed car, sore butt and all. Life after cancer isn't always easy, even if you beat cancer. But it is all beautiful.

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Hi Runner,

I'm so sorry to hear about your weekend, but thank you for sharing your realization that after conquering cancer, life's challenges are but a mere pain the "behind!" Events that would immobilize me prior to cancer now cause me to pause...feel...and let go!



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What a beautiful note...
It was still a great weekend ..

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Strange how things happen, I was just thinking about similar experiences this morning. I slipped on the ice Saturday and landed on my left butt cheek and hip (site of my ex-tumors). Also didn't run this weekend to give time to heal, I had been running 3-5 miles a day. The realization of how lucky I was actually put me in a celebration type mood all weekend. Thankful to be alive and minimizing the affect cancer has had on my body.
Thank You for sharing.

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Very nice message Runner!!!!!

Good way to start the week.

Lisa P.

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I always love hearing from you!! Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me - when you can remember the important things in life! Sore bum and all!

Eight years and still running (and counting). Wishing you many many more.


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Great to have a wake up call sometimes when things like your awful weekend happen saying that this is another aspect of life, and we are alive. jams

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That is a pretty poopy (lol) weekend, but it's awesome that you were able to maintain perspective and turn it into a positive.

The dog must have given you a near heart-attack! Not fair to runners - where was the LEASH?!?!?!?!

Best of luck to you - thanks for sharing your amazing attitude!


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Every once in a while, a post really hits home. Thank you for shaking the (or my) tree a bit - in spite of adversity. I have had a pretty crazy 9 months.. Most of the time I am happy and keep going; but I tell ya, today was frustrating...I needed to read something to keep my thinking in perspective. Thank you.
I guess the Lab was after anything that moved!
Take care and I am glad you got a laugh out of everything!!
-All the best - Maura

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I just saw this message today and it made me laugh.

You're right....life does go on after cancer and sometimes it ain't pretty.

Hope all is well!

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Hi Runner,

Thanks for sharing your story and putting things in perspective.

This month last year I was diagnosed with stage 1 rectal cancer. I don't know if you recall, but back in May you were most helpful in responding to a couple of my private messages.

I took your advice and decided take a less radical approach by going with a local excision after chemoradiation. So I don't have the honor of claiming membership in the Semi Colon Club.

This month marks the fourth month of being cancer-free. Knock wood, I hope to l share your good fortune in the future.

Like you I'm on the thin side. Nevertheless I happen to have diabetes. So during chemoradiation I was more concerned about eating to maintain my body weight rather than worrying about my blood sugar. So I stopped doing the testing.

Anyway, after treatment and surgery I resumed testing my blood sugar. I was shocked to discover that my blood sugar, which had always been well controlled, was now out of control. So I started eating very small meals. No effect. I then doubled my medication. No effect. Finally, I thought of you and running. Now, I'm one of those people that considers chewing and swallowing as exercise, so for me to consider running was truly an act of desperation! I tried jogging and it was hell for me. I tried it a few times during the week thinking with all this pain this has got to help.

Guess what? I'll bet you're going to say everything turned out fine with exercise right? Nope, no effect. Well, at that point especially after my doctor said, "You know you skinny guys always need Insulin earlier than heavy folks", I sort of resigned myself to taking Insulin. Then one morning I took my readings and everything was fine. So I started wondering what did I do different yesterday? Well, we had two glasses of wine in the evening. And, I started a new vitamin supplement. Wait... this morning I started a new bottle of test strips. No, that can't be it surely they don't have a shelf life. Better check. Sure enough the test strips had expired THREE YEARS AGO! DUH! BUT, to be on the safe side I decided to keep drinking those two glasses of wine. ;-)

Well, it's a good thing the problem was the test strips because that jogging was killing me. This week my wife and I joined a local HealthPlex. It's a very modern gym run by a hospital. This way if I have a heart attack exercising at least there's a doctor nearby.

Seriously, thanks again for all your encouragement.



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