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My Mother has lung cancer

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Hello eveyone. My mother has lung cancer. We found out after the second needle biopsy on feb 1 2007. We need to find a good lung cancer doctor in our area. We live in Spokane Washington or we can travel to Seattle and surrounding areas. If anyone knows of a good doctor, please let us know. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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Go to the web site below and it will give you a list of places that give second opinions and how to contact them. I went to Sloan Kettering in New York. They are not on the list but they are very good. These places should all be good for 1st opinion and treatment.


I was diagnosed in July 2005, stage IV lung cancer with a pleural effusion. I was told it was inoperable and that there is no cure. I have been cancer free since November 2005. I have no bad side effects and I feel great. I never had a sick day through all of my treatment. Maybe you would be interested in the things I did... I took a lot of supplements and other things, and still do you can read my story posted on Lance Armstrongs web site. It is also posted Lung Cancer Support Community along with a lot of the things I did and still do. Put LCHELP.ORG in your browser. This will take you to the web site, then click on Message Board, click on MY Story, Then click on Ernies story stage IV. After you read my story you will be able to contact me through that web site.

Stay positive,


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Hi ValloranoV,

I won't recommend a specific doctor, but I can suggest several medical institutions. First would be Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, which is among the leading cancer research centers. It receives the second highest funding from the National Cancer Institute, with MD Anderson the first. So, you're likely to receive the most advanced treatments.

There was a US News & World ranking of cancer institutions that I remember seeing University of Washington as highly rated in Seattle. It is a teaching hospital, so again you'll be exposed to the latest approaches to cancer treatments.

The other cancer center is Swedish Cancer Institute. It has proton radiation therapy equipment, which is a treatment I've mentioned a lot as having accuracy in targeting cancer cells.

You can call around and ask questions to find a center you're comfortable with. As for the doctor, I would pick one who specializes in lung cancer - if there is that specialty.

Good luck to your mother.

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I have been looking into a lot of things as my mom was also diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and it has spread to her liver. I'd recommend meeting with a Naturopath and or a chinese medicine doctor. If you haven't already- read the book by Kevin Trudeau-natural cures -what they do not want you to know. He has a website nautralcures.com
Also read about the below. We are going to try it soon. I have heard amazing stories. http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/HydrogenPeroxide.html
Try q10.

Cancer thrives in weak immune systems, (that is why chemo sometimes does not work) gluclose, imbalance in PH levels, and low levels of oxygen-cannot explain-..I will send more as I read.

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