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CT Scan on Monday

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Hi all-

Jim's scan is tomorrow morning. Please keep us in your prayers. I am having mixed emotions - sometimes I'm certain he's beating it, other times I feel as though I'm desperate - scrambling around for some positive sign. We need positive results- for us, for the kids, and for Jim to feel as though it's worth the fight.

In other news, Jim leaves for Mexico after the scan. My Dad won a trip and he's taking Jim for a week of fun. (God Bless my Mother, who gave up her spot so Jim could go have fun!) I think this trip will be good for him mentally and physically. Meanwhile...I get to stay here...in Wisconsin...with a windchill of -20....with the KIDS. *Sigh* - can I be happy for him and jealous at the same time?

Please keep us in your prayers for the scan. Jim's running on really high anxiety right now. He can't seem to calm himself down. I seriously doubt that I'd be able to either. We just need SOME shrinkage - I'm not asking for a 50% reduction or anything like that. I'm vaguely annoyed that he hasn't been offered a PET scan - he's Stave IV - I'd like to see some more detail. But we're also going to Sloan Kettering in a couple of weeks for a second scan so I shouldn't complain.

His CEA levels have been going in the right direction (159.1./75.2/69.2/65). I know we can't pin everything on that, but I'm just praying that it's an indicator of what the scan will show us.

Please keep us in your prayers!


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Hi Kate,

It's good to see that Jim's CEA levels are going down. That is always a positive sign. I will pray for a good scan report. Jim is very lucky to have you and your family to support him. Hope he really enjoys Mexico (any extra room?- it's 35 below windchill here today).


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Good luck. My CEA was a good predicter of CT results. My oncologist at Stanford Ca said that PET is really not that useful except in looking elsewhere for cancer so don't be too worried about not having that done. My shrinkage was over the 5 months so it takes time. God bless yo and good luck.

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Hi there Pat,
Good luck with the scans, I know waiting for the results is not fun, but we've all been there! Too many times to recall. Anyway, as for the PET scan, that is normally used as an overlay on a CT and is done to diagnose suspicious lesions that show up on a CT scan. It also does not really show anything less than 1cm in size because those small tumors don't uptake enough glucose to show up on a PET, they will however, show up on CT.
As far as the CEA, if it correlates to the tumors shrinking by 1/2 wouldn't that be awesome! Certainly it does mean something, so just hang on to that thought.
He no doubt will have a great time in Mexico and all that Vitamin D should really lift his spirits!
Take care,

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Hang in there, Kate. All the best to Jim as well as you and the family. Anxiety is so normal. I have ascan within the next two weeks and it is already playing on my mind. I'm so glad that he can get away for a little R&R. You know, it SO important to feel normal...I am thrilled for him. As for you in chilly Wisconsin, drop me a line. I'd love to chat. Take care and only good thoughts coming to you - Maura

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Hi Kate,

Sending my best for great results from Jim's scans. I hope you get the results soon and will not have to wait and worry.

I hope Jim enjoys his trip to Mexico. Getting away from all the reminders of battling cancer will give him a boost to return and continue to fight and win.

Please let us know his results. Keeping your family in my prayers.



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I will keep you and Jim in my prayers for great results.

God bless,


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