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Another question

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For some reason I'm having an uncomfortable fullness and a pain that comes and goes in my upper right abdomen. Did anyone else have that? I guess I think it's my liver, you know how we jump to conclusions. Of course, I have bloating but I know that's a symptom of CC. My tumor is in the cecum.


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I have the fullness and pain in my upper right abdomen also. I went in for an emergency ct scan and everything was fine (except that they also found gallstones). After that, I had an ultrasound about two weeks later. Again, everything looked okay (well, except for the cancer that is). My Oncologist said it was a side effect of the Avastin and gave me some pain killers. I only get the pain now for a couple of days after treatment.

I would tell the Oncologist, though. It is probably just another wonderful side effect, but better safe than sorry.

Hope this helps


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I think I missed your original post. Since you have not had your surgery yet, the fullness could just be from your bowels. Let's hope it's something that simple.

As for your question about returning to work after surgery, I think that you will get a multitude of answers. I was in the hospital for six days and was driving the day after I got out of the hospital. I even went shopping for a while. I would think it would probably be at least three weeks before the doctor would want you back at work. Please keep us posted on your progress.



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Could be nothing, could be liver, could be gallbladder. I had my gallbladder out because fo gall stones. I'd get a terrible pain in the area you desribe, and it would radiate around the back. Talk to your docs about it to rule it out as anything that needs attention.

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I don't think it is the liver since most of it is on the left side and under the rib cage. Sounds like gallbladder to me and/or backed up bowels. It could all be due to partial blockage.

Lisa P.

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Thanks to all. I feel it may be due to the tumor and the blockage. Anyway, I pray that's all.

Also, I thought the liver was on the right side, am I wrong (not surprised).

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Yes, the liver is on the right side, I have still got the dent from where mine was resected 13 years ago.


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The liver does not give pain very frequently. It could be your gallbladder or more likely is due to the bloating.


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