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vulvar cancer and tumour in vagina

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hi all, dont know were to start, my mum has had problems for over a year, she wasnt to bad until about 5 months ago when she said it was to painful to walk, she had the courage last week to go and see a gyno who told her instantly it was cancer, she has been in the hospital all week had biopsys taken and on the same day a consultant walked in and said she has a large tumour inside and theres nothin they can do, they said its to dangerous to remove and they dont think radiotherapy will work, they have now decided to give her chemo and radiotherapy still saying it wont work, but they have told my fathe she has 6 months to live, surely theres something they can do? shes stuck in a hospital, they havent given her any medication ( pain relief) the gyno wasnt at all sympathetic with my father he told him to look at it as my mother has let everyone down, but she hasnt she ws just to scared to get it looked at, im almost praying in a way that they are wrong, please if somebody can help me?

thank you

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Don't give up hope for your Mom!! I too was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. A vaginal tumor the size of a walnut. I did have surgery, but I refused radiation. Chemo does not work on vulvar cancer. I choose not to have radiation because it can damage the uretha,bladder,colon,intestines and rectum. Instead I found an alternative treatment that destroys the tumor from the inside out. It is called Protocel 50. You can learn more by going to www.outsmartyourcancer.com. The product works, but it can not be sold as a cancer treatment, because it is not a drug. You order Protocel 50 from www.webnd.com.

I am happy to say that I was diagnosed with vulvar/vaginal cancer in Oct 2004. It is now Feb 2007. I am cancer free thanks to Protocel. It is so easy. You take 1/4 teas in juice or distilled water every 6 hours. Like 6am, 12 noon,6pm and midnight. Protocel only attacks bad cells it does not attack healthy cells like chemo and radiation do. I have recommended to friends with lung cancer, adult lukemia, and breast cancer as well. We are all still alive, and healthy. Have an open mind, try Protocel. Since it is non toxic it can't hurt. My 63 year old friend with adult Luekemia, has now outlived her death sentence by 4 months. My friend, 80 years old, now has no evidence of lung cancer. I swear by Protocel. Be assured that I am cancer survivor because of Protocel, and I do not benefit from either the book Out Smart Your Cancer, Alternative Treatments that really work, nor do I get any "kickback" from the sale of Protocel. I believe that God put me in the right place at the right time to find out about this wonderfull product, that destroys cancer naturally. I found out about Protocel in 2004, and I have never meet any one who has mentioned it. Therefore, I encourage you to help your mother rid herself of cancer with Protocel 50. She has nothing to lose except her cancer. Protocel cost about $150 for 16 oz which is a 2 1/2 month supply taking 4 times a day. That's less than $1 a day.

I hope you will listen to my message and not pass it it up as too good to be true. If I didn't believe in this product, and took it myself, I would have died.

I am 55 years old now, and I thought in 2004 I wouldn't even see the new year. Please help your Mom, and go to www.outsmartyourcancer.com. I say order the book, but most importantly is to order Protocel 50. The phone number is 1 866-776-8623. All I ask is that you tell other cancer patients these two web sites, to help save their lives.

Even if you don't reply, I know in my heart that I have given you the information you need to save your mom's life, as I have saved mine, and others.

Good Luck, and Best Wishes to you Mom.


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As will all treatments, we encourage you to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day to assist you with information. They can also discuss with you the treatment options for all stages of vulvar cancer and clinical trials that may exist. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345 24 hours a day.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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I do not have any clinical advice to give however, I believe the other two ladies covered that aspect. I will promise to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

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